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Star Wars fans: If you could have any one item from the Star Wars universe, what would it be?

Asked by KatawaGrey (21433points) January 6th, 2011

Let’s just say everyone get a light saber automatically so you’re free to pick something else. :)

Personally, I think I’d get me a sweet little R2 unit. They may be the most awesome robots ever. :)

So, Jellies, what one thing from the Star Wars universe would you get if you could?

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The Millenium Falcon. It would make “road” tripping way cool. And Han Solo. For obvious reasons. ;-D

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Luke’s hoverspeeder, yeah baby yeah!

SavoirFaire's avatar

Midichlorians. Lots of ‘em.

Unless I could just import some Force powers without them.

cubozoa's avatar

I’d quite like a death star. I put it on my christmas list, but santa had other ideas.

YoBob's avatar

Yep, I have to agree with @JilltheTooth.

Barring that, I’ll take one of those sweet Nubian Royal Starships to cruise around in.

YoBob's avatar

On second thought. Having my own Death Star might be kind of cool… ;)

JilltheTooth's avatar

Oooh, @YoBob , love those Nubian guys! Sooooo shiny!

Tropical_Willie's avatar

I’ll go with @JilltheTooth for a ride on the Falcon.

etignotasanimum's avatar

I’d want C3PO or R2. That would be interesting/fun. I would not want a ton-ton though. My mom would call her brother that when they were younger and fought with each other. Sort of funny

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rangerr's avatar

Ewoks aren’t friendly.

I want the Slave I.

Dr_Dredd's avatar

I’d like one of the medical droids, or maybe a bacta tank. Make my job easier.

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Rarebear's avatar

Land speeder.

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cubozoa's avatar

@noelleptc An ewok? They were annoying enough in the film!

ucme's avatar

Freaky deaky Star Wars factoid no. 765432897…...Kenny Baker who “played” R2D2, was originally cast in the role of cutie pie extraordinaire Wicket. He did however fall ill during filming allowing Warwick Davis, another diminuitive thespian, to step into those tiny shoes. I shall now proceed to hit myself over the head with a wet lettuce…....

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JilltheTooth's avatar

Carrie Fisher does a hysterical take on her Leia days in her show, “Wishful Drinking”. Just sayin’.

ucme's avatar

@noelleptc What an underwhelming coinkydink :¬) Oh to have Miss Fisher sneak me treats, at least back then. Lookin a bit wookie-ish these days, bless.

deni's avatar

I wanna be a Wampa.

Mikewlf337's avatar

I want the dark side of the force! lightning…force choke…you can’t beat that!!!
@noelleptc you said you are not that friendly? You seem like a freindly person to me! :)

AstroChuck's avatar

Natalie Portman.

Joker94's avatar

First off, Great Question! And better answer, @AstroChuck…I would either want a Bacta-Tank so that injuries would never be too big of a problem, or one of Palpatine’s Royal Guards so that I would never be the victim of any attack ^.^

TrkReznor's avatar

An R2 unit of course!

Jude's avatar

Geeks and nerds, geeks and nerds. You’re all a bunch of lovable geeks and nerds.

Carrie Fisher from back in the day with white suit and the white gun, please and thanks.

filmfann's avatar

@AstroChuck Hands off! I saw her first!

Jude's avatar

I mean this. Hot.

I had a crush at 8.

rangerr's avatar

@Jude I’m about halfway done with that costume!

DeanV's avatar

Admiral Ackbar.

I’d pretty much get him to follow me around and yell shit.

tigerlilly2's avatar

Chewbacca hands down. No one would be messing with me and my wookie!!

coffeenut's avatar

Give me Jar Jar…...Don’t ask-don’t tell….the reasons would likely fall under “Extreme Animal Cruelty Laws”

KatawaGrey's avatar

I love Jar-Jar. :(

SavoirFaire's avatar

I remember when I saw The Phantom Menace. No one complained about Jar Jar during or directly after the film. As I recall, it was only later that the hatred began.

JilltheTooth's avatar

Yeah, I kinda like the floppy ear guy, myself…

SavoirFaire's avatar

My girlfriend at the time left the theater imitating him. He wasn’t everyone’s favorite, of course, and I’m sure some people found him annoying from the start. But did it ever spiral out of control! I remember seeing Attack of the Clones. Everyone in the audience started booing when Jar Jar showed up on screen and then cheered when he said nothing. It was a little sad.

KatawaGrey's avatar

@SavoirFaire: I loved imitating Jar-Jar. As I recall, @JilltheTooth and I would each imitate him and then laugh and laugh and laugh and then do it again. :)

cockswain's avatar

Luke’s hand. So I can wave it in his face and tease him about how he’s such a whiny bitch and his dad cut off his hand and the emperor whipped his ass with lightning.

Also make fun of him for getting a semi when making out with his sister.

incendiary_dan's avatar

Some sort of speeder. Much more practical than the Millenium Falcon, I think.

JilltheTooth's avatar

@incendiary_dan : Yeah, but a speeder won’t get you from Cleveland to Mos Eisely to hang out at that funky alien bar on a Friday night.

KatawaGrey's avatar

And besides, does a speeder have it where it counts?

Dr_Dredd's avatar

For the record: I hated Jar Jar from the start. In fact, I pretty much hated all of episode 1, and never saw the other two.

choreplay's avatar

My wife wanted me to answer this one for her, she wants Han Solo frozen in carbon to hang in the den, otherwise Obi Wan Kenobi’s light saber.

Personally I would take Princess Leia tethered on the leash dressed as Jabba had her.

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