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How do I edit a question I asked on Fluther?

Asked by pizzaman (210points) January 6th, 2011

I need to edit a question.

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If you really want to remove it or change it, you can “Flag as…” (at the bottom right of the question) and a moderator will give you the option to change it or remove it altogether.

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You usually have 10 minutes from when you post a question to edit it (the option should be right there on your question). Once that 10 minutes is up, you will need to flag it for a mod as @Seelix mentioned. When you flag it, write in the comment box that you would like to edit it and why and then the mods can put it back to editing for you.

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As @Seaofclouds and @Seelix say just flag it and one of us will send it back to you to edit. :D

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