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Are skyscrapers bad for the environment?

Asked by hb2081 (10points) January 6th, 2011

Are cities in themselves bad for the environment?

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That would depend on your definition of environment.

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@Axemusica… and your definition of bad.

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It’s impossible make that a yes/no question. They are good in some ways and bad in others.

They are good for the environment in the economies of scale they bring to transportation and energy consumption in general. And if everyone left the cities, we would destroy a lot of farmland and rural areas housing them.

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Yes, of course they are.

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Hope not. I live and work in a city.

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They’re skyscrapers. They scrape off bits of sky. Of course they’re bad for the environment.~

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If you have ever walked downtown San Francisco on a windy day, you will discover how much the wind is funnelled at the intersections. I can’t imagine that works well with a natural environment.

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You could argue that taller buildings results in denser cities which translates to smaller city footprints which means more space for other land uses.

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