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Does the color of an egg yolk determine the taste?

Asked by Zone36 (413points) January 6th, 2011

I was living in Japan for a couple of years and I would often have soft boiled eggs for breakfast. They were always delicious.

When I got back to the states, they didn’t turn out so well. They didn’t taste bad or anything, but they were quite bland.

I noticed one big difference between the eggs. The ones I had in Japan were a much deeper shade of yellow, almost orange.
The ones in the states were a very bright yellow.

Is the difference in the color associated with it’s taste?
How can I determine what eggs will be good?

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You sure you were not eating quail or duck eggs in Japan? Different species or even sub species will have different flavors.

My mom gets her eggs from a hutterite colony and they get blue, yellow, brown, green and white eggshells. I have noticed the taste of the eggs varies by the color.

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White shelled eggs tend to have lighter yolks. Try brown eggs, and best if they are from a local farmer and as fresh as possible. If you are buying at the supermarket, try to buy them with an expiration date that is a few weeks out. Different colored eggs do taste differently, and fresh eggs taste different also.

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Farm fresh eggs and “organic free-range cage-free” eggs at the grocery store will have orange yolks and will have a much better flavor. Regular, run of the mill store bought eggs have yellow or pale yellow yolks and taste bland.

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Yes there seems to be a direct link between yolk color and taste. The lighter the yolk the less taste. Those dark orange ones….MMMM! My mom has a farm and while I was home for the holidays I could NOT get enough over-easy eggs. They were less than 12 hours old and the most amazing thing ever. I come home and now have no desire to eat eggs for breakfast. The fresh ones put the rest to shame, and I can’t stoop to that level.

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Yes , I was just eating plain old chicken eggs over there.

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I agree with @WillWorkForChocolate. I changed to organic eggs and they are darker and taste better. I think the steroids and antibiotics that are given to chickens change the flavor of the eggs.
Also the smaller the egg the better it is. Really large eggs are probably given some steroid feed to make them that large. I remember when I was younger, you didn’t find all these huge eggs you find today. A regular size hen will lay regular size eggs. Eggs have gotten ridiculously large over the years. No doubt from all the steroids. They should be the size of brown eggs. I’ve yet to see a brown large egg. It may have to do with the type of hen as well.

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I’ve been told free range, grass fed eggs are why the yolks are darker and they do taste more.

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@faye I think part of it has to do with the breed of chicken. The chicken determines the shell color from what I understand, and brown eggs have darker yolks. But might also be affected by the food they eat, I had not heard that before, but it makes sense.

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I bet if you scrambled them you wouldn’t know the difference :)

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Probably. I don’t mind flavorless eggs for things like quiche or a cake, but if I want to just eat eggs, I want something with some taste.

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Yes,farm fresh eggs are the best.There is a big difference between store bought and farm fresh.I am a farm girl that grew up on farm fresh eggs and milk out of the bulk tank. MMMMMMMMMMM good!!!!

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The color of the yolk has nothing to do with what color the shell is. The reason some yolks are so dark yellow and tasty is depending on what the chicken eats and how it lives. It is very hard to get these type of eggs in the store, even if they say free range eggs. The chickens need to be able to eat grass and corn and bugs. Even the free range egg farms have way to many chickens to compete for quality food. This is why if you get eggs from a local small farm where the chickens are free range and also feed some corn, you will have the most delicious eggs ever.

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I’ve been raising chickens, ducks, geese, pheasants, etc for a few years now, and organic is the way to go for the darker yolk and rich flavor. Store bought (factory eggs) are very bland and have a lighter colored yolk.
Bakers like to use duck and goose eggs, they are the best at adding a rich flavor to whatever you add them to.

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