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What do dogs dream about?

Asked by charliecompany34 (7790points) January 6th, 2011

The other night my shih-tzu was all sprawled out on the family room floor. He was knocked out! Then he started barking in his sleep. I wondered what he could possibly be dreaming about.

What do animals dream about? Do fish dream? Cats? Is dreaming only a thing humans do? What could a dog be dreaming about?

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I make up stories about what my dog dreams about. When her paws twitch and she whines during sleep, I think she is chasing squirrels. If her eyes roll back and her lips twitch, I think she is having nightmares about being separated from me. If she kind of barks during a dream, I think she is dreaming of being the watch dog and taking care of the household, scaring off potential burglars.

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Chasing cats and squirrels.

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Chasing kitties and bunnies, sniffing their friends and having a tasty treat. And snuggling up with their favorite human.

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@chyna i get the feeling Max was dreaming about not being able to go past a certain point. he barks when that happens. and he barks when he cannot get his way. imagine that: a dog having issues.

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@charliecompany34 My other boxer had so many issues, I wish I had written a book about her. The funniest was when she got scared of her food dish. I finally figured out it must have shocked her (it was a metal bowl) and it took a lot of work to get her to eat again. She would bark and growl at it, get in an attack mode, but never go near it.

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My dog whines and barks in his sleep and twitches his feet. I assume he is dreaming about the things he does during the day

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My dog dreams about her stuffed ducky. The two of them on vacation. Sipping lattēs. Paw in wing.

I just know it.

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i believe my dogie coper is dreaming about attaching my kittys and so he wines and almost acts like he is running in his sleep,

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@cprevite “paw in wing”. I spewed my drink on that one!

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We can’t know usually what, exactly, they dream about (although sometimes we can), but many animals dream- all mammals and birds, and possibly reptiles.

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I love when my dogs dreams – I think it is the cutest thing. Twitching paws and little yelps. I have no clue what she is dreaming about but I can only assume it’s happy things and running around.

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I imagine either there are too many balls all bouncing around him and he can’t decide which to get first, or the squirrel that use to peer in our patio door looking back at him, or all the dogs from the neighborhood are pissing on all his favorite spots after he already ran out of piss.
When he has a bad one and crawls up the bed and drops beside me while pressing his body up against me, I imagine he had a nightmare that I was gone and he couldn’t find me. He follows me around all day long, and stresses when I’m gone for too long.

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What I want to know is what my chinchillas dream about that causes them to make alarm calls in their sleep!

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Watching humans have sex. I believe it’s called “peopling” or some variant thereof :¬)

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Maybe chasing a squirrel? Or eating?

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Sadie barks a lot in her sleep. Chasing squirrels probably!

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I think one of my dogs who twitches her paws and makes a barking noise is telling the other dog to stop snoring – it is very loud snoring!

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