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What's the difference between a juicer and a blender?

Asked by JCS (250points) April 20th, 2007
If I just want to make some simple smoothies should I cop a cheap blender or is there some reason I should get a juicer? Is there even a difference? I don't really need to blend non-juice things. All recommendations appreciated.
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A blender chops up the whole fruit. a juicer only extracts the juice and leaves you with the pulp. if you want to make smoothies, you want a blender, not a juicer. If you want to make something like apple juice, you would want a juicer, because throwing an apple in the blender would give you apple sauce, not juice. For making smoothies, a cheap blender should be fine.
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Yep, get a good cheap bender. That's what I did, and it works great!
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Got it. A blender is what I need. Thanks everybody!
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Plus, one should buy only EXPENSIVE juicers so that they can be cleaned properly. If you want to juice lemon grass, for example, a blender won't do it.
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i would like to vote against a too-cheap blender, b/c our last one made a terrible shrieking noise and smelled like a burning engine every time we used it. spend a bit of money.

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