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Do you get your money worth from a $60+ 4oz bottle of perfume?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26798points) January 6th, 2011

How long does a 4oz bottle of perfume last under regular use? Over the holidays I was shopping with a friend and he was looking over perfumes and it seem every one and his uncle has a sent out, the usual YSL, Gucci, Sean John, Liz Claybourn, those no talent personalities with a family name, etc. The not so well known brands were selling at least in the store we were in at around $60 to $80 a 4oz bottle. I don’t know the chemistry of how difficult it is to make a scent but is the price worth it? Do you get your money worth out of a 4oz bottle of perfume if it cost $60 and often more?

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I do, I love smelling good. It calms me and invigorates me at the same time. I perfume myself before bed so my pillows have a lovely scent. I don’t get sex these days, I gotta have somethin’!

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Really depends on the perfume. I once was given a really expensive perfume. I loved that just a few dabs of it would last the entire day. I think some of the really expensive ones are based on the oil used to produce it and the rarity of some of the scents. Especially if it comes from an expensive flower.
LOL, @faye. I thought I was the only one who loved to put perfume on before I go to bed. I thought I was wierd for doing it since I wasn’t going anywhere.

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Oh, man. Sadly I think you do. I bought a bottle of Besty Johnson for sixty dollars and it is a little bottle. I gotta say, I do love it. Some things you can look past the price, eh?

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Generally speaking, the cost of the actual perfume is a very small fraction of the price.

Then again, worth is subjective, so it is ultimately up to you, as the previous responses say.

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Yes it is, my perfume just adds a little luxury to my day where ever I have to go. But always buy eau de parfum and not the toilette, it lasts longer!

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@sarahjane90 How much longer? From day of 1st use to empty bottle is…...?

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Not to me, I prefer the scent of a nice soap and shampoo.

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It really all depends on the cologne / perfume itself, how well it matches to you (as it will smell differently on your skin than on the paper or on other people), and most importantly how long it lasts. I got burned a few times with Calvin Klein colognes which faded far too quickly, yet my others (Chanel, Davidoff etc) last nicely throughout the day / evening and are worth it. I tend not to go for the really expensive ones, and if I am spending more, then I get it in an airport and at least save the tax.

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Yes, it depends on the perfume. Very much so. Some fragrance components are very very expensive in themselves. Sandalwood, Rose Otto, and other absolutes, are very expensive. Vanilla is volatile and difficult to capture. There is a slew of difficulties when you start looking at proper fragrance chemistry.

The more expensive colognes are meant to be more concentrated with less of the ‘perfumers alcohol’ in them and they are more expertly formulated so the fragrance last longer on the skin.

It really depends on your taste, of course. I can NOT wear Channel No.5 because something about my body chemistry makes it smell like cat pee. Many many of the upmarket scents are like that on me and I don’t know why.

Right now I’m enjoying ‘Contradiction’ and ‘Eternity’ by Calvin Klein. In high school I loved ‘Vanderbilt’. I bought some Chanel ‘Chance’ but I wear it sparingly. There’s a melon element to it I’ve grown sick of.

I often have better luck by blending two cheaper fragrances to get what I want. I have a musky oriental cheapie called Maroussia, but it doesn’t smell like a complete fragrance to me. By adding another cheapie, a single note jasmine fragrance from Coty, I get a really nice rounded scent.

For those of you who live in a dry climate or just have dry skin, put an unscented moisturiser on where you spray your perfume. You’ll get longer staying power. Fragrance evaporates more quickly off of dry skin… and that’s dry as in lack of oil, not dry as in lack-of-water.

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@Hypocrisy_Central : When @sarahjane90 said that perfume lasts longer than eau de toilette, she did not mean the bottle lasts longer, she mean that the scent lasts longer throughout the day. perfume is made from oil, eau de toilette (a.k.a. toilette water) is made from little or no oil. It’s the oil that maintains the scent once it’s on your body. so the bottle lasts the same, because a spray is a spray no matter what you’re spraying, but the oil from the perfume makes the scent more potent throughout the day, as your body heat heats the oil and makes the scent linger.

I used to buy large bottles of perfume, but since i like to rotate different scents by using something different on different days, i no longer buy the large bottles, since a large one will last me for years, and by that time the scent is no longer as potent. what i have been doing lately is when i see the small bottle at Costco or Sam’s Club, for about $30, I will buy it (I bought a few that were reduced when the holiday season was over, for $20). So now I have four bottles, 1 oz each, different scents, and i use something different on different days. the one advantage of buying from a department store is that if you buy at the right time (for example around Mother’s Day), you can get a “giveaway” meaning when they give you something free with your purchase, or you can buy a set, which may include the body creme and the powder, and maybe another small “travel bottle” of the perfume with the big bottle, for a reduced price, perhaps $60 or $70, which all of those items would cost more than if you bought them separately.

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I won’t spend that much on perfume, but mainly because I’m on a very strict budget. I’ll buy the cheap $10 imitation scents from the drugstore. Maybe I’d splurge if I were wealthier, but I kind of doubt it.

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I wear some everyday and I really do like the scent on me (as does the SO), so, I would say, yes.

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i feel like if you love it, and can afford it, if it makes you happy, then get it and love it. i have spent some bucks on stuff in the past that I loved, it made me happy, that’s what counts ultimately.

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I gave a couple to my wife and got very good sex. I’d say they were worth it!

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My perfume is 3.4fl oz and it costs $75. That is a lot to me but wearing it makes me so happy! I get tons of compliments and smelling nice is something that I enjoy. I bought this bottle at the end of may and I still have about 1/5 left. I try to use it sparingly but still use it almost daily. Worth it for me :)

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