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Can a narcotic prescription legally be mailed to you from your doctor's office?

Asked by silky1 (1510points) January 7th, 2011

What I am actually asking is if this is a legal way to get a narcotic prescription or do you have to actually pick it up in person?

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Not the doctor’s office, but from a pharmacy service.

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My doctor says they have to be picked up in person, and you have to show ID and sign for them.

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My doctor’s office faxes them to the pharmacy for me. I just pick up the pills there. Is that unusual? I also live in a small town and have been dealing with the same doctor’s office for over ten years.

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First, i would never trust this type of prescription being delivered to you by mail. second, most doctors now send a fax script to your pharmacy. this is the safest and legal way to have your prescription filled. if its sent by fax, the government considers this to be a legal document, since it was sent by a method approved by the Federal Government.

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Controlled substance means signature at time of pick-up ( Dr’s office may require a signature when picking up the script at office, mine does) or a fax to the pharmacy for the document.

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The office I work at requires patients to pick it up in person. None of the pharmacies in the area will allow us to just fax in or call in the prescriptions either. We can call them in to give them a heads up so they can start filling it, but the patient still has to bring in a hard copy of the script.

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Real narcotic prescriptions (like oxycontin or Duragesic) require a triplicate prescription form. These cannot be faxed, and can only be issued by the Doctor directly to the patient or a patient’s relative or authorized representative.

My ex was on heavy pain meds for her illnesses. As she got addicted to them she couldn’t get extra scrips because of the paper trail of the triplicates.

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My doctor writes electronic prescriptions that are faxed to pharmacy. For one controlled substance ( that I have weaned myself off of) I had to pick up a triplicate script at the doctor’s office because he was in MA. and my pharmacy was in NYS.

Had I been willing to use a MA. pharmacy, the doctor could have faxed it.

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Procedures for obtaining such drugs vary by state.

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