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Best music to listen to while consuming medically prescribed legal marijuana in a geographic location where it is legal to do so?

Asked by AsHighAsAKite (4points) January 7th, 2011

So, what’s the best music to get high to?

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Pink Floyd, not that I really know for sure.

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Chill mon! If that’s what floats ya boat :¬)

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Jazz is so soothing.

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The Rippingtons

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I’d say Pink Floyd also.That’s what I hear ;)

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The Doors? I have no idea

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Just a thought but has anyone tried classical?

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Pink Floyd in the fall or winter, Greatful Dead in the spring, and any reggae all summer long.

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I think that jazz is probably the best answer. I feel as if the improvisational aspects of it might keep you from getting into that highly probable “how long have I been looking at this screensaver?” spiral that can be reinforced with music that’s pretty repetitive and “jam bands.”

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Early Black Sabbath. Check out Planet Caravan and the entire “Master of Reality” album.
I would also recommend these bands: Electric Wizard, Pentagram, Melvins, Kyuss, and Saint Vitus.

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I recommend FUNK! Earth Wind & Fire, Brothers Johnson, Cameo….anything really.

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Pink Floyd and The Who.

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Just about any of it, is my opinion. Music + M.J. = my idea of heaven.

Depends on what you’re in the mood for.. Trip-hop can be great (Portishead, Massive Attack).. Classical can be excellent, I definitely get way into that… rock, pop.. electronica.. it’s just way too hard to pick just one.

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Frank Zappa is also great.

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Music you like.

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Thievery Corporation is good.

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