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What is the most controversial viewpoint you hold?

Asked by mathsphysicsnormally (324points) January 7th, 2011


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I believe that private ownership of firearms is a net gain for a free society.

Frankly, I am somewhat astonished that this is a controversial viewpoint, but alas, it sees to be.

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Mine is in the UK the government helps some disable people too much sometimes

I’m not fixed to this and I wouldn’t mind changing my mind.

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That organized religion is a cancer infecting the world…

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The most controversial one is probably that god doesn’t exist.

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That communism and socialism are not equal to fascism and stalinism, and that they are viable.
That women should have complete control over their bodies and their reproductive rights.
That there is no god and that organized religion is not only unnecessary but counterproductive.
That sexual orientation is a product of society, and that no one should be punished or treated differently based on their sexuality.
That although people kill people, people with guns kill people far more frequently, and that firearms should be restricted to those in law enforcement.
That capital punishment is barbaric and unnecessary.

I’m not planning to argue any of these points or go into any more detail, so say what you will, but I won’t be responding.

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I identify myself as a demisexual. There aren’t many of us apparently, thus making it controvertial.

Meh. – WhenAllLightDies

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• That sentient nonhuman animals have rights, including the right not to be exploited (eaten, hunted, etc.) by humans.

• That no gods exist and religion is a myth.

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@WhenAllLightDies – I’m sorry for my ignorance, but would you be able to provide a brief definition of demisexuality? I know it has something to do with asexuality, but that’s all I know. Just curious.

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Demisexuality is like asexuality in the way that we have no, or little primary sexual drive. It is difficult to explain. Asexuals normaly are completely celibate, where as demis might… warm to? sexual feelings over the course of a long term relationship.

Hope that helps.

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@WhenAllLightDies – It does. Thanks. (I saw too late the link on your profile; I think you summed up the article perfectly.)

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I believe that humans have as much right to exist as any other animal and have the same rights as any other omnivorous species to harvest their food.

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I also feel religion is a cancerous organization; although I will not say that I feel the people who invest a lot of time in it are stupid, I feel a large portion of religious people are missing a very important part of critical thinking that I feel is vital to the progession of society

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That mental disorders are overdiagnosed in this country and as a result, we are an overmedicated society.

That astrology and many “new age” practices and beliefs are complete and utter hogwash. That doesn’t mean that I won’t respect a person’s right to believe in them, however.

That the concept of “straight pride” is a farce and not equal to gay pride in any way. And that gay rights are of the utmost importance.

There’s more, but those are the big three, I believe. I don’t consider my agnostic atheist approach to God to be that controversial…

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For myself, if i were pregnant with a child that had a severe physical deformity or some sort of major disorder, I would probably have an abortion. I think life is hard enough when you don’t have to struggle with such challenges (hard enough for the child, not for me dealing with child).

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One of them is that workers should have good union protections on a global scale, so that corporations would no longer have any incentive to ship jobs out of their areas.

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I suppose my Christian beliefs are controversial.

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I often find myself feeling prejudice towards a particular religious group based on what I know/think I know about them and find it very difficult to respect their beliefs based on certain practises.

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That people should be able to commit suicide if they want to. After all it’s their life.

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True Fascism was brought into the world by the wrong three men, and is actually a fairly decent economic idea.

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I don’t believe in “baby-proofing” your house. I had no baby gates, plug covers, cabinet locks, table-corner bumpers, rugs, drawer latches, anti-bacterial wipes, shopping carriage covers or other assorted items they sell to overprotective patents.

I’m also agnostic, but that’s not too ccontroversial, least not ‘round these waters.

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1. God does not exist
2. Children should never be hit – and spanking is hitting.

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1. Child molesters should be executed.
2. Rapists should be executed.
3. Torturers should be executed.

I don’t believe in making offenders suffer for their crimes. I don’t believe “punishment” makes anyone a better human or that any lessons get learned by particular offenders like these. I truly believe these ones are beyond reform, rehabilitation and trust. I don’t believe they should be among other non offending humans, not even other kinds of offenders and definitely don’t feel society should have to spend one dime on them when there are plenty of non affending people in need of help.

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There are no moral facts, and morality is entirely a human construct akin to the rules of etiquette (though more useful).

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Organized religion is the evil that it preaches so much against.

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