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What is the one word that best describes a true friend?

Asked by Mutable (208points) January 7th, 2011

What one characteristic do your “true” friends all seem to have in common? Also, what one thing should a true friend never do? I have a friend that has really done me wrong! I am contemplating ending the friendship.

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I think dedication just about covers it all. a true friend is dedicated to you, no matter what. period.

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I was torn between loyalty and honesty, but I think @worriedguy nails it – I would say “trustworthy,” as it indicates a proven pattern of both.

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Wife :¬)

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A true friend stands by their friends through thick and thin, forgives and forgets, and looks pat the warts and all. Most of all they are there for you 24/7 especially when you need them most.

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Relaxation. A true friend is someone you can totally be yourself around.

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Integrity and self esteem.

A true friend will settle for nothing less, within themselves and others.

This means being healthy enough, and evolved enough to call each other on bullshit and not expect a friend to look away from themselves or you, when it comes to accountability.

Fuck up and I am not going to enable you, as the best gift I can bring to my relationships is total honesty.

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Many great responses here…. trust, loyal, dedication, dependability, relaxation, wife, integrity and self-esteem. Thank you all so much. The one answer that really surprised me was “mirror”.... WOW, what a great answer! The more I think about it, all any of us want is to receive back what we give….friendship, support, trust, dependability, loyalty, integrity, etc. I think ‘Mirror” says it all. Thanks again!!

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In my opinion loyalty is the best quality because if they are a true friend they will be with you through the good times and bad times.

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Loving and all that word entails.

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Generosity. Not generosity in stuff but in heart.

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Yes, available…

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Honest, thus a true friend should never lie.

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I love what Coloma said also
I will NOT enable you.

My very close friend entered a treatment center for depression and alcoholism.

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A true friend understands and gives the benefit of the doubt before abandoning the friendship for good.

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