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What is a good birthday gift for an 11 year old?

Asked by NostalgicChills (2784points) January 7th, 2011

Someone asked me for help on finding a birthday gift for an eleven year old. Apparently, shes “bubbly, friendly, and funny”.
So based on that, does anyone have any ideas?

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Electronic Scrabble. it’s new and is a world of fun. just be sure to also purchase the Scrabble Dictionary, in order to hold down a possible homocide, when playing the game.

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Does she like to read? My 11 year old loves the Frog Princess books by E.D. Baker. There are several books in the series. She also really likes the Guardians of Ga’hoole series, as well as the Percy Jackson series and the Artemis Fowl series.

If she’s more into crafty gifts, maybe a kit to make friendship bracelets or origami. My daughter and her friends like to make things and trade with each other.

Another fun idea is a cool science experiment kit. They make some really great ones now, perfect for kids who don’t mind being grossed out. We have this one that actually lets you grow bacterial cultures from samples taken around your house or from your own body! I can’t even tell you how much fun my daughter had with that.

If she likes to draw or write (or both) you can give her a nice, big blank book with a good set of colored pencils and a nice pen.

If she’s into computer games, she might like some of the Tycoon games. My daughter’s favorite is Zoo Tycoon 2 The Complete Collection. You design and build your own zoo and take care of the animals. There’s also Roller Coaster Tycoon which we don’t have but looks like a lot of fun.

Another good idea would be a scrapbook kit. If she doesn’t have her own camera, you can start her off with a disposable camera. If she’s into clothes or fashion, some fun accessories or jewelry might be nice.

Our local bookstore sells these great charm bracelets that are pretty new. It’s a nice gift because you can add to it in the future by giving her new charms.

Edited to add: A cookbook geared toward kids is also a nice gift, especially paired with a cute apron or some kid-friendly kitchen accessories like her own measuring spoons or measuring cups.

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I second @MissAusten and say go with the Percy Jackson books… well written. This past October the second series “The Heros of Olympus” was launched but I recommended starting with the first book “The lightning thief”

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If she’s anything like my niece, phone credits!! :-/

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nothing says You are special like an Iphone 4

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