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My university has a motto "DUCERE ET SERVIRE" (leader as servant in Latin)... how would it effect the culture of the university?

Asked by talljasperman (21822points) January 7th, 2011

I went to such a university…I didn’t quite get the motto…what does it mean to the student.

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Do you mean “motto”? Give me the Latin.

I am guessing that the implication is that the leader is supposed to serve his constituency.

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@gailcalled yes motto… sorry the mouse was blocking the keyboard… I forgot the Latin and hope some one tells me it

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Duci servum? Rector ut vernula?

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I found it! It is on my backpack… DUCERE ET SERVIRE… and I wanted to be the world’s first trillionare

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Stick to that motto and you are likely to become rich beyond your wildest dreams (although you might not have much money to show for it).

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@talljasperman: Those are both the infinitive forms, I believe. So the literal translation would be “To lead and to serve.”

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I think that it also is a statement that, especially considering that last statement, that a leader is part of the community he or she leads. Therefore, leaders are subject to whatever they impose on the community, benefit from it, and must work the same as other members to ensure that the goals are met.

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Some leaders think they are above everyone because they lead. Therefore all that the group does is for the benefit of the leader.

Other leaders, such as elected officials, are supposed to be servants of the people. They lead, but they are supposed to act in the best interests of their community. Some do and some don’t. Some get punished if they don’t (not reelected) and some seem to be able to get away with grand larceny and still get reelected.

Your school was trying to create leaders who had the interests of the community at heart, not selfish interests.

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Yup, “to lead and to serve”. In other words, to lead in one’s field while serving the needs of others?

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