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Is everybody getting follower spam on Twitter?

Asked by IchtheosaurusRex (8656points) January 7th, 2011

The last several days, I’ve been getting spammed several times a day. I’ll get a notice that someone is following me, and when I go to their page, I see a picture of an attractive female, and a handful of spammy tweets, often interspersed with nonsense that looks like it was lifted out of an e-book. I keep reporting them, but they keep coming. Jellies who use Twitter, is this happening to you, or are they picking on me for some reason?

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Not happening to me…

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Not happening to me, but my account is private. Still, I’m not getting any requests.

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yeah, lately i’ve seen some female twitter ids with some 6–8 tweets with a large following list keep sending me follow request… :o ?!?

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this is where you need to change your settings so that you have to approve your followers. Happened to me when I first joined.

not that I use twitter or anything

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Yes. Male and female. And I’m pretty new to Twitter, so I get really excited when I see that someone new is following me. It’s always a huge letdown when it turns out to be one of these wacky spammers.

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I have a twitter account but almost never use it—the handful of followers I have are a few close friends and family that I also follow. I have almost no posts. So when someone I never heard of wants to follow me I know it is crap.
Similarly, I set up a yahoo im/chat to chat with one specific person. This worked fine for months but something must have happened with yahoo in the past month as I have been besieged by people who want to follow or friend or contact me, usually first names with 3 or 4 numbers after. I just go through the list rejecting them. They might even be bots. spambots.

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Yes, just ignore them or stop putting your profile in private if you don’t want to filter your followers request.

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It’s stopped for the moment. There was a flurry of it, and then it stopped. I expect Twitter found the source and found a way to deal with it.

I don’t say anything on twitter that I need to keep private, so taking my profile private just to thwart spam is like killing a gnat with a sledgehammer.

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You have just examined your follower count number on Twitter also it states you might have 150 followers. The unusual problem is which you simply learn about 10 of them, the some other 140 are total strangers. Although it might seem cool that random individuals are following your tweets, avoid you wonder who these folks are and why they may following you?
Spammers search for every possible method they are able to inundate a person with spam, this consists of your twitter feed.
If you’re being spammed by a follower,, you can report them as spammers by performing the following actions:

1. Click on “Followers” from your Twitter homepage.

2. Click the button to the left of the “Follow” button and choose “Report @person’s name for SPAM”.

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