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Can anyone identify this font?

Asked by stratman37 (8678points) January 7th, 2011

Do you happen to know the name?

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What font?

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The name of what?

You could try What The Font if you have a screenshot or picture of your font.

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My bad for not even including an example, sorry!

But after clicking on @poisonedantidote‘s link, it took no time. LOVE technology of today!

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Out of curiosity, what was your example?

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I got in a hurry and didn’t include it, but I found out that the name of it is DAVIDA.

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Do you plan to use it for your own work? It’s not very readable IMO.

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It was signage for a restaurant we’re doin’ a spot for, and I wanted to match it for bullet points. I figure if you can match their font, they subconsciously accept whatever else you’ve done in the spot!

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