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Ladies- when your "cycle" starts, do you occasionally experience cravings similar to pregnancy?

Asked by WillWorkForChocolate (23137points) January 7th, 2011

Once a month, no matter how much chocolate I normally eat, I can’t get enough chocolate! I could eat it by the pound. And I neeeeeed ice cream. Want it, need it, gotta have it. I just buy the half gallon and get it over with.

I’ll eat pickles by the jar, scarf down an entire bag of chips with salsa, a whole tub of cottage cheese with lots of pepper, chinese food by the truckload, and I can eat massive amounts of steak.

It’s like I’m either pregnant, or I’m a 300 lb man with a serious sweet tooth. Thankfully, it only lasts about 5 days and I don’t gain any weight. But I do have to take an entire bottle of Midol, and that just sucks.

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I’m quite the opposite. I usually eat absolutely nothing for the first two days or so. I just feel sick if I even think about eating. I notice that I will crave red meat a day or two before, though. I probably eat a hamburger once a month. haha.

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I haven’t been pregnant, so I can’t say if it’s similar, but I do crave sweet stuff. And sometimes I’m just like a bottomless pit – I can eat like a horse!

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Only for chocolate. I used to love chocolate at “that time of the month”.

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Yes, all normal. I am 2 years out on the periods..what joy!
But, I remember the cravings well, my daughter is 23 she inherited my reproductive DNA, cramps, cravings, lots of advil, bitchy little thing. lol

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I’ve never been pregnant, but I have some pretty specific cravings. Sweet & sour pork or pork chops, peanut butter cups and chocolate marshmallow pinwheel cookies. My husband knows not to eat the last cookie when I buy them. (That craving is about twice a year, but he has learned.)

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You don’t have to be PMS’ing or pregnant to crave some of those foods. Sounds good to me right now.

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omg, marshmallow pinwheels. I’m calling my hubby to see if he can go to the store on his way home.

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Yeah, I thoguht the same thing, havn’t had those in years!

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Yep for me too. Recently heard on the “doctors” that fish rich in omega 3’s can curb the cravings.

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I sure did which meant I would eat LOTS of almost anything!

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@WillWorkForChocolate and @Coloma – They’re about $4 a container, but we’re all worth it!

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@tedibear hehehe, already got some…

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Hmm. Now that I really think about this, my cravings kick in when I’m ovulating. That’s when I can eat like a bottomless pit.

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@WillWorkForChocolate <getting in car. driving to your house.>

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@tedibear Hey now… you’d better stop to get more on your way, or there might be a tussle! :P

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Oh gosh, yes! I will eat everything that isn’t nailed to the floor during that time, but chocolate is my biggest temptation.

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