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How come my dogs like to sun bathe?

Asked by Marchofthefox (787points) January 7th, 2011

I always see them in the morning by the window, soakin’ up the sun.

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Don’t you? It’s warm and comforting. Lots of animals love to lie in the sun.

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A dog wants to do what they find relaxing.

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@hotgirl67 Mine likes to go in the car. And it seems to get him all keyed up.

He’s mostly black and will lay in the sun (for a limited time) when it’s one hundred degrees.

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My dogs have always loved to sunbathe. When we lived on Whidbey Island, there was a mound where the entrance to the septic tank was and our dogs loved to lie across the mound.

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May be they like tan

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Warm belly, warm heart.

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Lay down next to your dog. You’ll see how relaxing a little rays can be.

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Mine would find the sunniest warmest spot to lay on. ahhhh comfort.
i do miss him

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when its cold out they will always want to be in the sun. Even when it’s super cold, my dogs will nap right out on the ground as long as it’s sunny where they choose to stay.

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If they are tanning I wonder what the color changes would be??
Really though my dogs love to lay in the sun too, it is like people have said, it’s comfy and relaxing, but if they get too hot they move. Also not a good idea if it’s sweltering out to let them lay in the sun.

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