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Ladies, what are five things you, or other women do that you hate?

Asked by stevenb (3816points) April 9th, 2008 from iPhone

Are there things that you or other women do that you dislike? I mean to or around men for the most part.

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I hate it when women act like they are more important than their men when really they should be equals.

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So true, skg! It takes two for a relationship to work.

I’m not a girl, but I hate it when women act like they should be able to do whatever they want because they are women. They want equality, but under their terms.

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Again, the mere start of a list that could be much, much longer….

1. Waiting for someone else to purchase a drink/ask you out/make a move/place a phone call
2. Not understanding the concept of “he’s just not that into you.” I know it’s trendy and a little cheesy, but if we women could use the energy we expel trying to get people who are not into us to be into us for a better cause, we could move mountains.
3. Stop acting like you don’t deserve orgasms and stop faking them. Tell your partner what you want. Communicate about sex.
4. Learn to masturbate to achieve heightened success with #3.
5. Stop hating other women for absolutely no reason.

@stevenb: How many “top five” questions do you intend to ask? I actually like them a lot, but I feel like the pressure’s on to come up with not just one response, but five!! Hee hee.

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1. Loose half your IQ when talking to a man
2. Pretending to be really interested in what he’s saying when you’re not (although this is different from honestly trying to understand somebody’s passion for something that appears totally inane)
3. Keep most of your opinions to yourself, for fear of coming across as “bitchy”
4. Expecting him to be able to read your mind like a woman can. MEN AND WOMEN SPEAK DIFFERENT LANGUAGES – it’s high time BOTH sides bit the humility bullet and learned to speak them
5. Pick up after men and let them get away with being slobs

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I think the following are annoying:

1) when girls/women flip their hair as they turn around or away, even if it’s just a minute degree of turning involved. It always seems really exagerrated, and screams BITCH

2) women who wear open-heeled shoes and their heels are all cracked with thick yellow/green/white tissue and they use the bathroom stall beside you

3) women who feel compelled to throw their head back and/or laugh loudly at the slightest thing a guy says

4) women who you see in public places text messaging ad naseum

5) women who wear muffin top jeans

and I can’t help it,

6) women who wear low rise jeans and don’t cover up when they sit down/squat thereby exposing their underwear.
(which ALOT of times happens to be a thong)

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Passive aggressive behavior.

The other four seem to be symptomatic of this, so I’ll just leave it at that.

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Women not helping other women when they see them in obvious distress/pain.

“There is a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women.”
-Madeleine Albright

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thanks again! I just like top five lists because I know there are usually more than one thing on everyone minds. I like the great answers everyone keeps giving! I agree with most of those, but what about the girl/ women who date/ have sex with loser guys that are taken and are just “waiting for him to leave his bad girlfreind/ wife”? Ugh!

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(1) Fail to have interesting thoughts and opinions
(2–5) See item (1)

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1. Feeling that talking about other women in a negative way is a fun way to spend their time.
2. Going after men that they know are with someone else
3. Fake hugs (the barely touching hug, or pat)
4. Only talking about men when they are with their girlfriends
5. When pregnant, not understanding that other people do not only want to talk about the upcoming birth of your baby, breastfeeding, cloth v. plastic diapers, nanny v. daycare, nipple style, single v. double breast pump, etc.

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@supergirl, no.2 ALWAYS kills me. Why do some women do that? I have a friend that always tries, and nobody came seem to get her to stop. It seems self destructive, as well as mean towards the other woman. Men cheat, but it is helped along by women like that.

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Great answers – Except for the first and second post, I agree (and laughed) at all of them. Being a woman – sometimes I would like to smack other women and say “What the heck is wrong with you?”
What bothers me about women around men? That would be females who have had a few too many and then thinking they are the sexiest thing in the world and they proceed to jump on a table and mimic pole-dancing.
As far as what really bothers me the most – not related to men? Women bashing other women – snarky comments about weight and about wearing Payless instead of Laboutins for shoes. We need to look past the superficial and celebrate and support each other. I swear that half the eating disorders are perpetuated by women criticizing women and making them feel bad for not eating a salad with 1 leaf of lettuce and a cherry tomato!

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@FlutherMother: I agree wholeheartedly with your last comment about women bashing other women. I also included in my top five that women should stop hating other women for no reason.

Personally, I don’t think that it helps women’s progress at all for us to trash other women, specifically, the appearance of other women. I think that’s why I was a little bit shocked at some of the comments above which have more to do with appearance than anything else. Sure, I personally probably wouldn’t wear low-rise jeans with a thong hanging out, but if someone else does, what good does it do me to expel energy thinking about how much I am irritated by her appearance? I know I’m not immune to thoughts and comments about appearance because they do tend to come out from time to time, but expelling negative energy hating other women for their appearance just seems like a waste.

In that same vein, I dislike it when women constantly bash themselves for whatever reason. It’s not positive to talk shit about each other, and it certainly doesn’t do any good to talk shit about yourself.

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I agree also Emily! The cattyness of women makes me ashamed to be one sometimes.

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Exactly! I have a relative who’s hubby always criticizes everything about her. Clothes, weight, too lazy, sleeps too much, on and flippin on. She just takes it and never ever stands up for herself!!! Why? It drives me crazy, but now she even criticizes herself. What can I do? Why for the love of Pete does she take it?

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Have you ever seen women together? They are always groaning about this and that on their bodies. It’s a way of bonding. But, if you would say “I think I am smokin’ hot and I like everything about my body” those same woman would probably dissect you on the spot (like, “She thinks she is hot? Has she truly looked at her thunder thighs?”) Trust me, most women don’t say positive things about their bodies because it is seen as bitchy. But it isn’t. I tell all my friends that they should look at themselves through my eyes – they would see how beautiful they are. And @stevenb, I wish I had answers. When I hit menopause I gained a plush overcoat (read: fat) that I am having a hard time losing despite working out every day and eating pretty well. But if my husband EVER made those comments, I would tell him to pinch his own inches before he would be able to pinch mine again! Just tell her standing up for herself the first time is very hard, but it gets easier and easier! She just has to make that step.

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I have tried, and so have others, but she will not. She is beautiful, an maybe a bit fluffy, but so what. She looks good like she is, but he busts her chops every day. Repeatedly.

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@ EmilyNathon ~ when you walk through a cafe like Borders which is supposed to be family friendly with a 9–12 year old child, it is very infuriating to see the thongs hanging out… That’s my point of reference.

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@mcbealer—I actually like your #6—but I am a guy—so I guess I am part of the problem. They know guys dig it (well not all guys, but lots).

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@ Mr. Bodywave ~ as Trump would say,

“location, location, location.”

There’s a time and place for one’s bits hanging out.

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I hate when girls are competitive with you. I have had many girlfriends in the past that acted super jealous and did stupid stuff to embarrass me!

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