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Are baby snakes just as venomous as adult snakes?

Asked by Rememberme (661points) January 7th, 2011

Are baby snakes just as venomous as adult snakes? Of course, this question only applies to types of snakes which as venomous.

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Baby snakes have not yet learned to control the amount of venom they inject, so you generally get an all or nothing dose when bitten by one of them. Adult snakes are able to control how much venom they inject, and tailor the dose to the prey/threat.

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yes, if not more.

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I concur with what @WestRiverrat said.

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Many are, rattlsnakes for sure, I could’nt name every species.

I live in rattlesnake territory and have had a few close encounters with big and little ones. The Pacific Diamondback.

One was over 4 feet, serious respect in order. lol

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“Even baby venomous snakes though, usually produce serious amounts of venom . . .”

Snakes and Poisonous snake Identification

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Very venomous. You should take care.

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I think it’s a moot point, don’t get bit by a venomous… anything! For that matter anything with fangs. But yes, babies are as bad if not much worse.

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