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What the safest, most physically demanding, and most fun sport?

Asked by brad (12points) November 9th, 2006
It seems like every good sport is associated with terrible injuries... is there any overlooked sport that's not too dangerous or destructive, can give me good exercise (outside), and still be fun?
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It's the "fun" part that I think it hard to pull off. Frisbee Golf is good-- you're running around outside, and it's pretty fun. Soccer or touch/flag football is also pretty safe if you're not too into it.
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speaking as an experienced gamer, we've found that Dodgeball and Capture the Flag are the most enjoyable for twenty-somethings
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How about swimming?
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Rock climbing!
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lets not forget four square. i kid you not, it provides hours of entertainment and is great for large groups. also, you can come in and out of the game pretty much whenever you want. just remember though, it's a bully game
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also any sort of capture the flag, kick the can, and hide and go seek at night are pretty awesome, esp if you live in suburbia
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I say running!! I know it's basic, but I think the best sport- there is no natural high like a running high.f
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And no better work out
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Rowing--crew...especially enjoyable if you go out on the water early in the morning.
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I speak from one month of "experience" during my freshman year of college...but I loved it for those 30 days.
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Ultimate Frisbee, although it can be dangerous. The safest yet most rigorous I would have to say is rock climbing. And most areas have an indoor "rock gym" nearby(very safe).
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Rock climbing = fun
Rock climbing injury = death (worst kind of serious injury)

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Golfing. Great exercise, outdoors, safe.

Disclaimer: Golfing with Tiger Woods can be dangerous if his wife’s around.

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Volleyball. Although you can end up with jammed fingers and such….also, one time I heard of someone who tripped over the stand holding the net and broke her ankle in such a way that the bone was sticking out and there was blood everywhere on the floor and it kind wrecked the rest of the game!

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Most people wouldn’t be too surprised to see table tennis listed as one of the safest sports. But I’m guessing a good amount of people would be surprised to know that it’s also a very physically-demanding, cardiovascular sport when played at a high level.

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