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Why is one side of my abs looking different?

Asked by chelle21689 (6898points) January 7th, 2011

It seems like the right side of my abs looks a bit better than my left. I try to focus on balance so that they are equal, but it seems like my left side has more fat than the right, LOL. I also notice that “v cut” muscle coming in the right side….and not the left =\

What am I doing wrong?

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Believe it or not, everyones abs have a predetermined starting look, some of us are born with ripped six packs, others are not. Body type plays a huge role in this. A longer torso can lengthen the abdominal muscles and make it very hard to have larger looking abs. Some people have short torsos and have extremely bulky abs. Which one are you?
Make sure you are doing a core workout as well to get the inner abs in shape.
What type of traing are you doing?

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I do a bit of cardio because I’m already thin (5’3, 116lbs). I mostly lift weights….for abs I do leg lifts, crunches, butterfly kicks, or v-ups

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Your Photoshoping skills suck that’s why. This is normal dude. Not everyone is perfectly symmetrical, in fact no one is.

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I know that! But I know it’s not normal that one side seems to be out of shape and the other isn’t lol

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If you are worried that you have a medical condition, see a doctor.

I would assume though that you are right handied and this is the reason for the more developed musculature on your right side. It’s you dominate side.

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Are you one of those strange people that only sleep on one side? I knew a bloke who was one and the hair on one side of his head was thinner. Could this affect muscle shape? Maybe… But you probably sleep both sides anyway. weird eh? how could you sleep on only one side….

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You are probably spending way too much time obsessing with how you look and staring in the mirror too much. Stop doing that so much and you’ll feel fine. If you are strong with a low body fat percentage, that’s just how you look when you’re healthy. Relax. You probably look great.

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Actually I do sleep on my right side a lot…lol I don’t know if that makes a difference. @cockswain, it’s funny because I never really looked too much into how I looked until I started working out. when i don’t work out I’m like “whatever” and eat anything I want and feel lazy haha.

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Try to do more work on your abs and make your sure to strength train your whole body at least 3 times a week so your abs will look more proportionate and toned.Make a sure your doing enough cardio and watching what you eat.Make the best of what you have and try not to compare yourself.

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You may indeed be the victim of genetics. As @blueiiznh mantioned, not everybody has the genetics for a perfect body. When I was in the service, I did many thousands of pushups and situps and was in as good of condition as any of my mates, They all had six packs, or variations thereof. I, unfortunately was smooth and just had little ripples where the other guys were cut. They often teased me and called me ‘Smoothy’ sometimes. Then I went to OCS and ended up their Boss. lol

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