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Why don't our two horses seem to care at all about the birds that constantly sit and shit on them all day?

Asked by Arbornaut (2586points) January 8th, 2011

The birds seem to not be interested in anything except a perch for a poop, why doesn’t this bother the horses?

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Lol…great question…
I guess because there isn’t much they can do about it….and at least the birds are not bitting them….

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i wonder if the horses even feel they are being shat

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The birds are doing them a big favor by dining on the flies and other bugs that would otherwise terrorize their backsides. The birdies are their buddies…poop and all.

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@Cruiser is quite right.

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Lmao… I vote for Cruse’s answer…....funny!!!! Has to be funniest question I’ve read in a while here!

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Yep, @Cruiser

Flies, ticks, the horses are a feeding station.

I don’t know where you live, I am in California and I have never seen this in my years of keeping horses, but, the wild turkeys and other small birds scratch in the leftover oat hay up the hill for oats as the horses feed.

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Yes indeed. Symbiosis, man. ;-)

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@Coloma I am in the midwest and have been around my fair share of horses and horses attract flies like bears to honey. Horses tails are there for a reason and the birds are only there for the easy meal.

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Oh yeah, I always masked & sprayed my horses, but, I have never actually saw birds sitting on them eating flies.

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