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Do any hybrid cars/SUVs come with a manual transmission?

Asked by Taciturnu (6045points) January 8th, 2011

I’m in the market for a new car. I’d really like to replace my old car, but if not I’d like a hybrid. The problem is, I’m a “Standard Snob,” and will only drive a standard.

Awful, since they’re getting harder and harder to find…

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I believe that the older Insights were 5-speeds. The CVT was optional between 2001 and 2006, but is standard on 2010-newer ones.

The new Honda CR-Z is a hybrid and is available with a 6-speed manual,

The 2001–2005 Civic hybrids had available 5-speeds, but the newer models are CVT-only.

The Prius lacks a transmission, and most other vehicles that have a hybrid version do not sell that version in the US.

And yes, it is a bitch that manuals are now rare, but considering that drivers these days can’t even handle a steering wheel, it may be best if we don’t give them a third pedal to distract them. It’d be better if we could just take away their keys, but c’est la vie.

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The new Honda CR-Z is a hybrid that comes in manual transmission.

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@row4food The joys of typing at the same time :D

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@jerv Somehow I knew you’d beat me to the CR-Z but I posted anyway :)

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Thank you, both. :)

@jerv I’m not much CVTs. I really like the feeling of DRIVING, and the clutch and shift of a manual transmission are the only way to go. * sigh * Thanks for the input. Wish me luck finding one!

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I think it really depends on the CVT as some do offer modes that simulate normal gears, often with paddle shifters (as does the automatic in some Fits), but on my budget, I am not in the market for any car built in this decade anyways, making it a moot point for me.

It looks like you are stuck with Honda either way though, possibly a “pre-owned” one unless you go with the CR-Z. Not quite the corner-carver the old CR-X was, but few things are.

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