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Which Android Phone should i consider?

Asked by ctferrarajr (270points) January 8th, 2011

I am in the market for an andriod phone and I am debating on the importance of a front facing camera for video chatting. I know that it is not the most popular thing at the time being but being locked into a 2 year contract gives me a lot of time stuck with the phone. So if it does catch up I want to have it at the ready. Does anyone have any opinions on this?

Also what else should I be taking into consideration when I look for the right phone?

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Are you Verizon? There’s a rumor that the iphone is coming out within a month or so… we should know by Tuesday. Just FYI

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iPhone isnt android…

Depends on your carrier, but all carriers have the Galaxy S phones, which are all the same across the board when it comes to the OS. I have T-mobile and I’m using the Mytouch 4G with android 2.2. It’s awesome, I play NES everyday on it.

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@Moegitto ALl carriers have the galaxy S?????? since when? i thought it was just T-Mobile.

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@Moegitto: no shit?! I was making an alternative suggestion.

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@ctferrarajr All carriers have a Samsung Galaxy S phone. They just go by different names. Sprint’s has an added hard keyboard as well.

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@classykeyser Im sorry i misread that as Nexus S. My mistake.

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First off, the Galxy S is really a family of phones,

The AT&T Captivate is a Galaxy S without the front camera.
Verizon’s Fascinate is a Galaxy S that trades the front camera for a camera flash
Cellular South and US Cellular have the Showcase and the Mesmerize respectively.
Sprint’s Epic 4G is also in the family

Okay, not that that is out of the way, it really is hard to say without knowing what you want. Personally, I don’t give a shit about front-facing cameras since I do my chatting face-to-face. My laptop has a camera that allows me to video-chat and I have never used it.

I don’t text either, so a QWERTY keyboard is not a necessity for me; IMO, the Swype™ on-screen keyboard is better anyways.

I have largish hands and find many phones to be too small. Even the iPhone is a tad baby-ish to me.

You want something with good enough specs to handle Gingerbread when it hits, so many of the current Android phones are out if you are worried about obsolescence.

AT&T has an unreliable network with spotty coverage and shitty customer service, so any AT&T-exclusive phone is out.

For me, the Droid X was a no-brainer. Many complain that it is too big, so it fits my hands perfectly. Many people are forced to choose between a phone that is too big or a screen that is too small. You can’t fit a 17” screen in your pocket! It is a touch-screen phone; no QWERTY. It only has the normal camera on the back, so I am not paying extra for something I don’t want. It is high enough on the food chain to handle Gingerbread, so it won;t be obsolete for a while.

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@ctferrarajr No worries. I want a Nexus S, but it’s way too much off contract.

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Verizon’s Droid Incredible.

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A bunch of new Android phones were announced last week at the Consumer Electronics Show, most of them will be released by quarter two of this year at the latest. If you can, I would suggest waiting on those, because a lot of them blow the current phones out of the water.

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@papayalily A little small for me at least and a little dated. I considered it, but the Droid X came out between then and the time I became eligible for an upgrade. I find the noice cancellation on the X makes calls better than the Incredible which lacks it, and the battery life on the X is considerably longer; important for those of us who have gotten home with only 20–30% charge. The Incredible would die on me at least twice a week without a spare battery.

@J0E Good point, especially since a lot of the new breed are ready for Gingerbread (or come with it already) whereas many of the current phones can’t handle it. The new ones may well be worth the wait.

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@jerv Yeah, att is probably gonna get phased out on my post, like sprint was for crappy service…

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@J0E @jerv
Do you know of any of the new phones that came out or a good site where i could find information regard it?

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@ctferrarajr Gizmodo and Engadget have info and reviews on the devices.

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