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Is it normal to not look anything like your parents?

Asked by BoohooGN (27points) January 8th, 2011

I don’t look anything like my parents. At all. We have the same color of eyes but that’s it. Is this normal or common or could I be adopted or something?

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Do you have any other reason to believe you might be adopted? Some families just don’t seem to have distinctly shared traits, although that doesn’t necessarily mean that they aren’t biologically related. It happens.
If you are genuinely curious about your family history, have you tried asking your parents about it?

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You’re adopted.

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In the days when there were lots of kids in a family, there were lots of variations on the theme. My mom was the only red head in a family of brunettes but she looked just like aunt somebody. so my brother didn’t look like either parent but like my mom’s brothers.

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My brother has light cold blue eyes while mom has a darker blue and green and my Dad has brown. He also has curly blond hair. My Dad has straight black hair and mom has straight brown hair. He’s not adopted…well as far as I’m informed he’s not.
Get a picture of your mom, dad, and yourself. Look at the facial structures. If the facial structure doesn’t match up then you might want to ask.

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It probaly is normal because I have greenish hazel eyes while my Mom has dark brown ones and my Dad has blue eyes.I don’t know how to explain that, maybe I just have a variation on a gene?

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It means you reach back into the gene pool.

In my family, I look like my father’s sister. My sister looks like my mother, and we had no idea who my brother looked like. Then we went to a family reunion on my mom’s side. My mom, her brother, my sister, and my cousin looked like 8 other cousins. My brother was a dead ringer for my grandfather’s sister and her son, who we never had met. There were 4 people who resembled me, even though my mother swore I looked nothing like anyone in her family.

I have a neighbor who has bright red hair. Her father has black hair, her mother is a honey blonde, and both of her siblings have dark hair. Her sister had a baby with a man who also has dark hair – their little boy has flaming red hair and looks like my neighbor. It turns out their great-grandmother in their father’s family as a redhead.

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Sometimes family members all look very similar to one another, and sometimes not. That’s the beauty of genetic variation. I don’t really look like my parents or my brother, but I definitely wasn’t adopted.

It wouldn’t hurt to ask your parents if you were adopted either. Most likely they’ll just chuckle and tell you “no, of course not!”

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I hope so….my siblings and I all have different eye colors. ;)

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No one looks like anyone else in my family. My three brothers and I were getting a picture taken for my mom for Christmas one year and the photographer asked what our connection to each other was. When we told him, he just looked at us like we were yanking his chain. We don’t look like our parents either.

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My 3 children have different coloured eyes and, I promise, the same father.

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I’m from a family with eight children – four boys and four girls. We all have the same mother and father. If you could see how different we all look, you’d swear there were a few milkmen in the picture somewhere.

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My husband and his brother do not look like either parent. I always joked that he was a product of the milkman and the next door neighbor and that his brother came from the librarian and the mailman. Then I went to a bridal shower and met two of his dad’s sisters. Poof! My husband and his brother made sense in the family’s variety of looks.

As well, I have a sister that frankly, I’m not sure who she belongs to. There’s one picture where we look a bit alike, but I think that had more to do with my mom’s only hairstyle for us involving pincurls!

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There are six in my sibling group. Four of us look a lot alike, one sister has a different father and must look like his side of the family, and then my younger sister looks nothing like anyone else. My mom used to joke that the milk man was a very handsome man that year.

Years later I reconnected with my great-uncle. He showed me a picture of my great-grandmother, who died in childbirth very young. I was shocked. There was my sister’s face.

So, yes, it is completely possible to look nothing like your parents…or siblings.

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Out of 5 siblings 3 of us came out kind of looking like one parent or the other. Two of my siblings came out fair like my mom with her hair color but neither look like her. My sister looks like my aunt on my dads side and my brother doesn’t look like any of us. We use to joke him and say he was adopted.
But on my dads side there were 11 kids. They all have some thinks that look like each other but some the range is really big with a few of them. My grandparents had brown eyes but two of there children had blue eyes. And some had hazel color. Some where very fair skinned and some where darker. My granddad look very european and my grandmother looked like an islander. So that is where the huge variation came in.
I wouldn’t freak.
I’ll give you an example of something that made me freak. When my daughter was born they told me she was O-, which I thought weird. I thought they mixed things up because my husband was an A+ and I was a B+. Now I know that my mom was an O- but I couldn’t see how two positives could produce a negative. I thought maybe someone gave me the wrong kid. (its happened)
Any how, what I didn’t learn for a few years later was that my mother in law was also an O-.
So that means my husband is dominant A+ but carries O- and I am dominant B+ But carry O- as well. So there was a good chance that a child of ours would be O-. Tell, you, if she didn’t look like a bit like me and look so much like my husbands cousin, I would still be wondering if I could be a mix up. Whew, luckily she is mine.

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The rates of cuckholdry (fathers not related to children) are pretty low. These days the rates are estimated at between 1 and 4%.

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Look at older family picture of your parents when they were your age. It is easier to tell. Also siblings of theirs at the same age you are. Sometimes you will resemble uncle so and so ‘s nose and aunt something or others mouth. As you grow and age compare like age pictures of your parents you will see a resemblance of something that you look like. Or course you can always get a DNA test but it is expensive

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Do an adoption search and see what developes.

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Yes. My daughter’s fraternal twins~One is fair skinned, electric blue eyes, the other is darker, has black eyes.

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