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I have 3 friends is that weird ?

Asked by suzie271 (284points) January 8th, 2011

To be honest I don’t really want many friends.

I think two or three in life at a time is enough.

But sometimes I do feel a bit awkward about it because many people around me seem to have a wide circle of friends/acquaintances.

Especially now that I am going to get married, I just feel weird, as I don’t know that many people to have a big wedding and wonder how is it many people know so many people to have a wedding say of 100 or more.

What do you think ? Is it weird to have as many friends as the fingers on one hand?

Also, do people that seem to have lots of friends actually have close relationships with all these people or is it very superficial friendships ?

Opinions please!

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No, it’s not weird.

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Lets see, if I count mine I have two, one of those being my brother. Those are the people I could call if I was having a hard time getting all the hooker blood out of my carpet. Then outside of that I have about 5 more friends, people who I could call if I did not have enough rent money for the month. Then outside of that I have about 50–60 more, who are people that I know and keep in touch with, simply because it is convenient for me and for them.

So really, depending on how you look at it, 3 is not weird at all. Quality over quantity. We have a little saying here in Spain, “Mejor solo que mal acompañado”, meaning “better alone than in bad company”

Think about all the people you know, and what level of friendship you have with them, and I’m sure you will see there are a few more of them than you think.

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I don’t think it’s bad to have few friends. I’ve only ever had a handful of people at a time that I consider actual friends – that is, people that I’d actually call up for a shopping trip or a coffee date. I have a lot of acquaintances; classmates with whom I’m friendly and might study with, friends of friends and whatnot, but not many close friends. I think it’s perfectly normal.

I went to a wedding of a friend (oops, I guess he’s more of an acquaintance, really) who had invited about 200 people, including his side and hers. He’s a really personable guy who gets along with everyone, and he’s called us up a few times to go to dinner or for drinks. He’s the kind of guy who can have a lot of close friendships, I guess, but I think that’s pretty rare.

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Three true friends is better than having a bunch of fake friends around you.Its the quality of your friends not the quantity that matters.

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No, it’s not weird. Some people prefer to have a few really close friends, and others prefer to have tons of not-so-close friends – people they might grab a coffee with, but not call and ask to bring over soup when they’re sick. To each his own. Plus, if you aren’t inviting 200+ friends, that’s 200+ dinners you don’t have to pay the caterer for, and 20 tables of floral centerpieces you don’t have to pay for, and the really big ballroom with the high occupancy rate you don’t have to pay for… Much better!

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I can count my real good mates on one hand, these are people who would drop everything for me and come to my aid no matter what the situation whenever and wherever. Beyond that there are people who are good friends often made through work and study that I have less in common with, but go out for the odd night on the cans with and keep in touch via email and phone. Beyond that there are people, people iv known for years but have lost contact with or whatever, i run into these people sometimes and its always, hey! yeah wow? same old? yeah same old.. and thats cool, but i hardly refer to them as friends.
I think as you go through life people come and go, and this is pretty normal for most.
There are always other cool people just like ‘you’ out in the world, and if you go out to play, you will cross paths with them at some point.

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I think 3 great friends is better than 100 “friends”

I often wonder about the wedding thing… as of late, I suppose I could invite a ton of people to a wedding but it wouldn’t mean anything to me. I’d rather have it small and just have the people who really mean a lot to me.

I think you’re normal and just fine :)

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It’s not at all weird. It’s the quality of a friendship that counts.

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It is not weird at all. People who have 100 or more people at a wedding are inviting their parents contacts, all of their relatives, their business contacts and their parents business contacts, etc.

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I don’t think it is strange at all. I have progressively fewer friends that I regularly keep in touch with as I get older, but I’m closer than ever to the ones I’ve kept around. And quite frankly, I much prefer things this way.

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I only have 1 real friend. Everybody else I hang out with are people I could care less about.
It’s not weird at all to have only as many friends as fingers on your hand.
Especially if you have an extra 20 fingers.
I think people with a lot of friends probably only have a real friendship with a few of them.

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Not weird at all. I have, currently, 4 good friends. That is more good friends than I have had in a long time in my life. At most other times I have been too busy or I haven’t found that many people that I liked enough to call a friend.

I would take 1 great friend over 50 so-so ones any day.

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we have something in common then.

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no It’s not weird.all about the quality of the friendship that u have

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