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Can fluther save the world?

Asked by lloydbird (8735points) January 8th, 2011

Well, can it?

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That’s what I’m hoping.

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For what it’s worth, I think that it can.

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No, but it can make it more interesting, educational and fun.

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Anything is possible. But, I doubt it. It’s a cool thought, though.

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Save the world? I don’t think it’s possible for anything at this point, really. We’ll just have to wait till a big red reset button appears.

Fluther is a nice way to kill time and maybe learn and discuss a few things. Nothing more.

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If we want it to it will

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Save the world from what?

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From what?

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I’m sorry..but No…Fluther couldn’t save the world….. even if everyone wanted it to

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No. Fluther doesn’t know what is best for the world.

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To you nay sayers, you are wrong.

Keep watching.

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Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No…it’s SUPERFLUTHER!!!!

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@lloydbird Uhhhhhhh oooooohkaaaaay How exactly do you expect a site rife with nothing more than opinions save the world. Save the world from what? Don’t get me wrong I like this site otherwise I wouldn’t be here but to think that it could save the world would be pretty silly

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I don’t think it can change the world as a whole, but I am hopeful that it can make each of our individual worlds better. And every little bit helps. Every. Little. Bit.

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It has already saved a life

I think that is good enough.

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Hey Finn, what’s this big red button do? {reaches out to press}

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Fluther is a tool. The community uses it as it sees fit. And like any other tool that brings people together to discuss things that matter to them, it can be used in a manner that makes a negative impact, no impact, or a positive impact.

The degree of that impact will be determined by decisions we all make. Therefore, to say that it “can’t” do something is to say that “we can’t” do something. Which is, by all accounts, an unnecessarily pessimistic, and arguably radical, claim.

Perhaps the question is better phrased “Can we use fluther to save the world?”

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If the world can be saved, no one thing will make it happen.

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@psychocandy unless it was a cataclysmic one thing that forced the world to sober up.

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I believe! I Believe in Fluther! <claps hands excitedly> I believe in Fairies Fluther! <clap clap clap>

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I don’t actually believe in the saving of the world as some sort of single coherent act.

But to the extent that anything makes us think, consider perspectives other than our own, empathize, add to our knowledge, and improve our ability to communicate, to that extent I think we improve ourselves. And that’s the only way the world gets better: one person at a time working to change what one person can change. Fluther can help with that.

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If there is one thing we can do to make the world a better place, its bringing people from all places together. Fluther is an amazing platform for this to occur, iv not been here long but already Im convinced of its worth.
Fluther is Fantastic!

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Nay! The world doesn’t need saving, but maybe the people in it could use a little help.

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It is an incredible burden to feel like your job is to save the world. No one person can do it and no one organization can do it. It is something that only the world, and every person in it can do for itself.

Saving is kind of presumptuous anyway. It kind of ignores the humanity of others and says that you have a monopoly on what the world should be like.

I’ve been thinking like that much of my life and it has only hurt me. I’m trying to give that up, and I don’t think fluther would ever try to take that on. It’s just a part of the world, and it’s a place where we can help each other, and that is enough. If it happens to help others, it’s an added bonus. But it’s hard enough helping each other, so if we are useful in that way, then we are doing as much as we can.

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No fucking way.

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It may not save the world. But, it can make it a little better.

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@worriedguy or make it worse depending on what kind of people use it on a regular basis. fluther is like a group of people speaking their minds.

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Nah, way too much cynicism ~ ;¬}

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@ucme and arrogance.

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Scratch a cynic and you’ll find a disillusioned idealist.

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Looking at this question of mine in the cold light of day, and through less err…emotional and fanciful eyes (Saturday night and all that. You know how it is. ;-) ), I still maintain that this site (albeit unconsciously) is significantly contributing towards the cause of making the world a better place. I suspect that when viewed in hindsight in years to come; when we have reached the coming far better place, that fluther, as well as other similar sites, will be recognised as playing a pivotal role. Especially in the field of societal inter-communication.
To illustrate this (not that you need it but..) I was watching this great documentary on line yesterday ; on a website that I discovered through my use of fluther, and rather than be isolated with the knowledge and insights that I gained from doing so, I am able to post a link to it here and share my discoveries widely. Simple acts such as this are far more significant than they appear to be and are in effect sowing the seeds of our future collective well being.

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@whoeveritmayconcern Or apathy…or ignorance..or levity….or a patridge in a pear tree.

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clap clap! Clapping with @JilltheTooth but nothing is happening….

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The world doesn’t need saving. It’s been spinning and revolving around the Sun for several billion years, and it will continue to do so for several billion more after humans either move away or die off. The world is fine.

Fluther might save packets of humanity, as has already been pointed out from time to time, and it makes it easier for some parts of humanity to get advice on how to talk to the little red-haired girl across the playground (or conversely, how the little red-haired girl can get the boy to talk to her, or leave her alone, one). First it needs to be able to save itself, though, and the jury is still out on that.

But the world won’t care, and it will just go on spinning and revolving, regardless.

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@CyanoticWasp – I think you’re talking about the planet, not the world.

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It is a nice idea that the world’s differences can be resolved by everyone discussing them calmly in a civilised way. The alternative is so much worse.

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