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Does using cheatengine really boost utorrent download speed?

Asked by XOIIO (18054points) January 8th, 2011

I saw a way to speed up utorrent with cheatengine. You select utorrent, enable speedhack and set it to 0.1. My download speed went from 90kbps to over 170 kbps and rising! I reached 225 kbps! Is this really making it faster? I think it is because it just shaved 2 hours off of the dl time. If it is real, how is it doing it?

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Crap, 540 kbps!

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It is probably reporting your upload as higher than what it is. Look into the protocol, you are rewarded for uploading by downloads going faster.

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Browsing through Taringa I’ve read stuff like this. But it all turns out to be kinda like a Ponzi Scheme if I remember right. It’s like at first you may see an increase of speed but after a few hours or days (can’t remember) the people of those programs start “stealing” your speed.
Sorry for being so vague but it was awhile since I read this. And of course it might not be your case at all.

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The torrent client has nothing to do with speed. You need to make sure your firewall has the right port open and then it’s has to do with how fat your pipe is from your ISP and more importantly how many people are seeding a torrent. I can get 1MB or More down and I’m not doing any tweaking.

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Well this was the first time I got over 1 mb, and it does work. Every 20 minutes or so it slows down, so I close cheat engin for a little bit, it climbs back up to 100 kbps and I turn cheat engine on to boost it to a few hundred kbps. Whatever it’s doing works, this near 2 gig download is going faster.

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Again it has to do with how many people are seeding the file. The more people that seed the faster you go. The less people that seed the slower you go.

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Shit, it’s working on a torrent that was going at 40 megs a second with 7 out of 33 seeders and 3 out of 35 peers. Now it’s downloading at 4 megabytes a second and it’s still rising quickly, and uploading at 2.1 megs. WOOT

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