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Why won't my debit card work?

Asked by DrasticDreamer (23954points) January 8th, 2011

Suddenly, my debit card won’t work for any kind of online transaction. I’ve never had a problem with using it for online transactions in the past, so can anyone tell me what might be going on?

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Have you contacted the bank?
Is it a Visa or Mater Card?
The debit card may not be recognized as a valid card for use on the websites if it is not a Visa or Master Card

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It might have been de-magnetized, Take it to your bank and ask them.

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Have you maxed it out? Call the bank.

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I often cannot use my debit card for online transactions, and have to switch to a credit card. I think it has to do with the classification of the card.

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If you made a lot of purchases in a short period of time, they may have put a hold on your account to eliminate suspicious activity. Especially if you are purchasing something from an overseas vendor.

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@Tropical_Willie It’s a MasterCard.
@Samantha_Rae No, I haven’t maxed it out.
@syz So they may have switched the classification?
@BarnacleBill I haven’t made any recent purchases, so I don’t think that’s it.

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Do you have access to your bank account online? Check and see if you have a check or transfer that has not cleared.

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Expiration date okay? If it’s not that, and you have the funds, then call. It could be related to their customer identification practices.

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This may be a stupid question, but is it connected to a checking account?

I had the same problem. My card stopped working for no apparent reason. But what actually happened is that my bank accidentally set it so that the card can take cash out of members’ savings account instead of their checking. Once they put a stop to this, I couldn’t use my card for anything other than ATMs.

Once I got a checking account set up, it worked perfectly.

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@DrasticDreamer it happened to us once, and to my stepdaughter just recently. It was a security hold because of a suspious transaction in both cases. Ours was with Bank of America and when I called to find out what was going no one, and I mean not even the highest executive I could contact would tell me where the activitiy transpired. They just issue my husband a new card and we moved our banking.

My stepdaughter’s case was with a credit union where she works and banks. Same thing except they traced it to an .08 cent transaction from a pizza place in California. Someone was checking the account to see if it was active. A new card had to be issued in her case as well.

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Happened to me, once, and I took it to the bank and asked them to find out what was wrong. The man, puzzled, told me everything was fine with the card and my account, and then asked his supervisor about it, and she was puzzled as well. I told him it wouldn’t work for me, and he told me to go try it somewhere once more. I went to the gas station down the road, I tried it, and the gas pump told me the answer: “Card Expired”. :P All I needed was a new card, and the bank didn’t even think of checking that. lol

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It might have been de-magnetized,

I admit I was typing that before I read more carefully

“online transactions”


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My ex had a similar problem,it was embarrassing when we had to pay the toll. The deal with hers was someone had actually gained access to others bank account information due to tellers stupid error So they did the only thing they could of done, was change everyone’s card,pin,passwords. She got a call about two days after it had happened. We kept calling her bank over and over but always had a busy signal, probably due to too many complaints. I never opened an account while I was with her, so my paychecks went into her account for bill payage for those who got the wrong idea

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There may have been a hold placed on your card for suspected fraud. Have you recently used your card outside of your normal city/state, or made a large purchase? If they suspect that fraudulent purchases were made they will block future transactions for your protection. Have you tried using your card anywhere else? If the card doesn’t work elsewhere there is mostly likely a hold placed.

If that’s not the case just make sure you entered the correct card number, expiration date, and cvv code on the back of the card.

Also make sure your available balance is enough to cover the purchase. When you run your debit card as a credit card all the pending authorizations are deducted from your available balance and occasionally they are higher than the actual amount or are duplicated. Only the correct amount will actually post but the pending amount is what the balance reflects until it goes through. If you have online banking you can check on that.

You should call your bank to see for sure, they should be able to see the transaction and tell you why it didn’t go through.

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I haven’t made any large purchases, and there’s definitely enough in there for me to make a purchase. I also haven’t spent money outside of my own city recently. The expiration date is okay, and I already made sure all of the information they had for my card was up-to-date. I checked my account online, and everything looks fine there, too.

I guess I’m going to have to call them in the morning, because I really can’t figure it out.

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Send me the card number and all your details & I will do my best to find out :)

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Wife bought a new credit card holder case. we thought it was made of cowhide. instead, it was made from eel. demagnetized her cards. bank restored the cards back to normal.

You might check this out.

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