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Live Fingerprint scan (background checks).

Asked by MC619 (4points) January 8th, 2011

I have been offered a job in an assisted living facility. I was told that I have to pass a live “fingerprint scan”.
At the age of 20, I was arrested; accused of theft. In the end I had no convictions, nothing. I have had background checks done (ie. My current job). Each time the arrest shows up on my record. My current job asked that I write a statement explaining what happened. I also am in college, where a background check was required (human and health services schooling). I am still employed with my current job. This new job offer is a great advance both salary wise and work environment. Also, relates with what I am studying.
Should I be worried about passing the fingerprint scanning or not?

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Nah man, if it shows up just be honest and straight forward with them. If you really believe you are the best candidate for the job let them know this, and if they reject you based on the arrest its their loss.

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As long as you were honest with them from the beginning, it probably won’t be an issue. If you are concerned about it, talk to them about it before doing the background check.

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