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Do you think it's necessary for a driving instructor to yell a lot or does it depend?

Asked by ladyv900 (713points) January 8th, 2011

When a student is trying to learn what he or she is taught and makes a few mistakes that the driving instructor yells about and may comment in some offensive ways like for say “use common sense” or other sarcastic remarks.Do you think it just depends on that instructor?

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A driving instructor who yells at you and makes sarcastic remarks, or says things like “use common sense” is, in my opinion, not giving you constructive criticism. He can point out your mistakes and tell you not to do them, but he better give you a reason for each mistake and tell you in a manner that makes you learn from them.

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I think it depends on the Driver and the Instructor and the Situation….

If they are just randomly yelling and stuff then…NO
If they are yelling and stuff because your driving is trying to kill everyone in the can than…YES

Making a left tun into the wrong lane ie: on a two lane street you turn into the lane closest to you (you would turn into the left lane not the right)
Making a left turn into oncoming traffic

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No. The instructor should never shout. This to me suggests that they are not in control of the situation. If they are shouting at their students, then they will only make the driver more nervous. I’d get a new driving instructor.

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It is totally unnecessary and unprofessional. I would report this driving instructor to his supervisor.

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This guy is no driving instructor—he’s a driving tyrant. Jeez, if there’s anyplace to be/stay calm, it’s in a car. For heaven’s sake, find someone better qualified to teach you one of the most important skills you’ll ever need to acquire.

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I would never take lessons from an instructor who yelled! It’s completely counterproductive, unless, of course, it’s just a natural reaction to an honestly dangerous situation.

Find a new instructor – you don’t deserve to be treated that way, especially not from someone to whom you’re giving money to teach you.

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My instructor was very patient I don’t know how he managed to stay calm with me, but I am glad he did because I don’t think I could learn to drive if someone was shouting at me!
You are paying them to teach you not shout at you!!

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The “need” to yell has more to do with the personality of the instructor and their ability to handle stress than anything else. Not all of them are like that, there are people who are more chill and able to handle situations better. Even the most chill instructor, however, will freak out if you seriously endanger their life and those of people around on the road and in the car. Severe mistakes will get you yelled at regardless of who you’re driving with. If you need a new instructor, find one. If you’re doing crazy things and they have the right to yell, stop making them yell. That’s what it all boils down to.

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Many people freak out when someone yells at them. I don’t do well when someone yells at me when I’m driving. After I avoid making a crash because they yelled at me, I pull over, turn off the car, and say, “Don’t EVER yell at me like that again. If you do, you can get out and walk.

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I think the usage of the term common sense in the details says a great deal. However you are paying for this, you don’t have to use him/her.

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I would say that, given the distractions driver’s have today, someone yelling at them may not be such a bad thing. It may acclimate you to the loud noises a child may randomly make in the back seat, or loud music that your passengers MUST listen to or they will have a coronary. Just my opinion.

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