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The cure for any kind of boredom has moved up into the Big House! Join me in a big welcome?

Asked by JilltheTooth (19692points) January 9th, 2011

Poisonedantidote is visiting from his home planet and has moved into fancier housing on our little mudball. If this is the first wave of an alien invasion, I’m delighted! We certainly enjoy your “otherworldly” humor and perspective, PA, glad you crash-landed on the third rock!

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Congratulations on a well deserved 10k!!! I love your posts, always clever and unique.

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Congrats!!!!! This a party weekend!!!! I hope your not too tired from the other parties to enjoy yours

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ummm… find this amazing! Don’t know Poisonedantidote (from reading your profile, it’s my loss…loll..good stuff), but welcome to the 10k club. Have a great day!

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I just woke up from the other two parties in the mansion. I’m ready to party again though!
Congrats Poisonedantidote! You are quite interesting and funny and well deserving of the 10K party.

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Congratulations, @Posionedantidote!

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Very cool!! Congrats on hitting the big time with your 10 grand milestone! Your comments are the antidote for the ordinary!

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Congratulations!! xxxx Big love xx

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Congratulations! Thanks for giving us such great answers. :)

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Congratulations @poisonedantidote! Sometimes your posts make me fall in love with you a little; sometimes they terrify me. Good mix, I think.

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I couldn’t find an appropriate Alienese phrasebook, so I’ll just say it in English: “Congratulations and well done!”

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I think I had a dream where I completely ignored two parties in my Questions For You box. >.>


Happy 10k or whatever the amount is because I’m so damn lazy I can’t even look…

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Thanks all., btw, does finally taking part in one of these make me gay now?

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@poisonedantidote You tell us! Alien life forms are kinda new to me and wouldn’t know where to begin to tell if you are gay or not! ;)

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Congratulations on your 10K! Things are so different here in the Big House . . . .

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Congratulations on the 10K and on surviving in this crazy world.

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CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!.....I know its after New Years but BRING OUT THE FIREWORKS!

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Well done, you.

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Congrats, you crazy alien!

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WOW <<<<<<C*O*N*G*R*A*T*U*L*A*T*I*O*N*S >>>>>>

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Well Done!!

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@poisonedantidote : Have a hearty Hawaiian “Ho’omaikai!”

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Yay! (I have no idea who you are, but, congrats!).

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Congratulations :-)

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Congratulations! High Five o/\o!

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Whooo Hoooooooo!!!! WELCOME!!!!

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Congratulations! :]

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Congratulations! 10K is quite an achievement for us earthlings, but for an alien it is incredible and not only indicates acceptance, but respect for you and an acknowledgement of the value of your contributions here.
See ya…...Gary/wtf
Hey @Jude…your words ring true for me too (I have no fucking idea who this ‘it” is)

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Wow! Congratulations!

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Congratulations, nice work!!

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Congrats!!! Take a bow, take a seat, and take a lap!!!

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Congrats on the 10 K! Celebrate by getting some fresh air. Pick up your Spanish dictionary and take a short run around the Island.

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Congrats! You’re an awesome contribution to the collective, and it’s great to have you here! :D

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Wooho! Congrats!!

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* * * Y * A * Y * * * CONGRATULATIONS ! ! ! GOOD WORK ! ! ! * * * Y * A * Y * * *

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Congrats and welcome to the mansion!

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Great job, Congratulations!!!

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For the longest time, I read your name as poisonanecdote. I’m not convinced that I was wrong ;)

I hope you enjoy the view from the mansion as much as I enjoy reading your quips. Congrats!

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Yaaay! ::hic!:: Sorry. Lotta parties today! Congrats on a great jelly reaching the first of many K milestones!

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Congratulations!! :))

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