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What was your dream as a child,as a teenager and did you fulfill it?

Asked by gamefu91 (591points) January 9th, 2011

What you wanted to be when you were a child? What did you dream of? What was your ambition? Why you wanted to do that whatsoever?
Did it changed when you grew up? when you were a teenager? Why?
What are you doing now? Did you fulfill your dreams?
What will you do next?

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From age 11, I wanted to be a writer. I am.

I also wanted to be Superman.

One outta two ain’t bad.

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My dreams changed as I grew up. I first wanted to be an archeologist, and then a geologist.

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My dream when I was little was to get into an Ivy League school. Did it happen no. I thought that if I had that dream, then I would make my family happy. Throughout my schooling years, I learned that I need to be the one happy, and not live to please everybody.
There was so much I wanted to be when I was little. But the only one that I’m getting ready to go to school for is Genetics.

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I’ve pretty much always wanted to be a teacher, ever since I was a teeny weeny lass. I’m not one yet, but I’m in school to be a university professor. I guess my goals got a little more lofty along the way.

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No, and I am walking down a path of broken, unmaterialized dreams. What a waste of a life!

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The only thing I remember wanting was a family. Husband and two kids. I got them and I’m so glad I did. for he most part. I have a close friend who never married. What a difference in our lives! I think I’ll ask a question today regarding her situation.

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well since 10 i wanted a girlfriend. now i got it. does it count?

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I wanted to be Chicago Fireman. I thought it was so cool that they got to grill burgers for lunch and play Frisbee with the mascot. No childhood dream fulfilled but I have knocked a few other decent dreams out of the park. ;)

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I wanted to be a veterinarian, but alas, didn’t quite make the grade to my university of choice. UC Davis California. The year I applied they were only accepting 18 new students into their medical program.

Sooo, I got married instead and kept my own collection of animals and volunteered a lot for local wildlife rescues and other various animal related programs like doing bird counts for Cornell lab of Ornithology and rehabbing waterfowl, leading a poultry group for 4-H kids, etc. etc.

I often have the RTU on top of my fridge…the ’ rodent trauma unit’ saving the lives of cat caught rodents everywhere.

So far I haven’t had to put in a helicopter pad.

My now ex husband used to accuse me of loving my animals more than I loved him, it was true. lol

I also love to write and still do, working on my discipline now to actually FINISH what I start. haha

I’m content, no regrets. ;-)

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Believe it or not, I wanted to be President when I grew up. Needless to say, I had to forget THAT! LOL! I hung onto that dream until I entered law school, which I attended as a means to getting into politics. Only problem was, I hated the law… dull, deadly boring, almost no flexibility ( at least in law school ). When I dropped out, it was the height of the Vietnam War, and I knew I would get drafted, so I joined up as a college option for Officer Candidate School. Much to my surprise, I enjoyed being in the military and stayed in ( in one form or another ) for many years.

Most of the other careers I had ( and jobs I held ) were simply attempts on my part to earn enough money to support my growing family and to please my first wife.

Now I am retired, and married to a wonderful woman who loves me in spite of myself. I’m enjoying my life quite well, thank you, and sincerely hope I have many more years with my Vicky.

What will I do next? I may write a book, but that’s yet to be determined. : )

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I wanted a stable home life when I was a kid. I created that through a lot of really tough work.

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I wanted to be an entertainer. I am.

I never look forward and ask what the man I will become will think of the man I am, but I constantly wonder what the boy I was would think of the man I became…

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When I was really young, I wanted to be a hair stylist.

When I was a young teen, I wanted to be a herpetologist.

Now, I’m probably well on my way to work for the evil military industrial complex in some way… Mwhaahahahahaahah.

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Well, you could have combined those careers in mythology, been Methuselahs hairdresser. lol

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@Coloma, oh dearie, how I adore you!

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In childhood, I wanted to become an auto mobile engineer as my parents wanted me to do so, in teen age I wanted to become a computer engineer as I was highly interested to join NASA. I am a computer engineer now but I want to become a business man because I have found now; this career truly suits my natural talent. After achieving this target I have a solid plan to be a social worker.

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I had a “vision” or a an IDEA I suppose, of helping others with their marriages….when I was around 15.

Because of what my husband ( ex ) and I have gone through, and how we have SHOCKED people…they had NO idea…
I have come to realize this morning even….that YES.

Through the failure of our marriage, and through the judgement of others, who are truly judging themselves and Who They Are in “relation” to what happened with us, ....we have indeed, saved more marriages around here than we are aware of right now.

so YES, I have.
But I have a long way to go in fulfilling my purpose here.

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