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Trying to setup my outlook 2007 with gmail but I keep on getting error messages?

Asked by manolla (795points) January 9th, 2011

My company has recently purchased some accounts from gmail for our emails, and when I tried to set up my outlook 2007 to work with my gmail so that I can send, receive and open my email through outlook, I keep on getting an error about my imap and a box appears every second from time to time asking me to enter my username and password and don’t know why I may be facing the problem, my coworkers setup thier outlook the same way that I did and didn’t face any of the problems that I am faceing, if you know what might be causing these problems, please help !

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It sounds like your company moved over to google apps which is just like having gmail with an address

Have you been through their tutorial for setting up Outlook?

I’d pay special attention to a few things

1) the first step, Enable IMAP, is commonly overlooked
2) make sure you’re using the full email address for the user name so all needs to be in there
3) make sure you have the servers set up correctly and
4) make sure you’re using the port numbers they recommend, they aren’t the standard ports so it can make a difference.

If you check all that and still no luck, I’d delete the account in outlook (Tools->Account Settings->select account->Remove button at the top) and then set it up fresh. Outlook can be finicky.

If no luck, could you quote the whole error message you’re getting here, that might point to a specific problem we could track down.

Hope it helps.

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@funkdaddy thanks alot for your suggestions, I tried deleting the account and setting it up once again and it seems to be working fine now.

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