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Fluther Canucks: Have you noticed this trend with abbreviating place-names?

Asked by Seelix (14886points) January 9th, 2011

I’m just curious about whether this is just an Ontario thing, or whether it’s true across the country. We refer to British Columbia as BC, and Prince Edward Island as PEI, but I’ve never heard Nova Scotia called NS, New Brunswick called NB or the Northwest Territories called NWT.

I know we use these abbreviations while writing, but I’ve never heard NS, NB or NWT spoken. You?

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In B.C. we referred to ourselves as such. I think it just took to long to say British Columbia. The only time I made the effort to say the full name was when I was talking to foreigners who wanted to know where I lived. But then I had to add: “Canada”. And then sometimes: “above Washington State”.

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@tranquilsea : And, believe me, there are a large # of Yanks that can’t tell you where Washington State is. It’s embarrassing.

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This is hardly relevant, but here in Australia, we say the abbreviations of all of the states, bar two… It is rather hard to say QLD for Queensland and Tasmania (TAS) is just abbreviated to ‘Tassie’.

Edit: And Nova Scotia just… feels? interesting to say… Why say NS when your mouth can feel cool?

Now that looks odd.

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@JilltheTooth lol, with Americans who couldn’t place Washington State on a map I would lead them north from California, Oregon, and then go south of Alaska.

I think it is partly a syllable thing. B.C. two syllables. N.W.T five syllables…just as easy to say North West Territories.

@WhenAllLightDies Canuck is a slang term for Canadian.

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I am American, and I use BC for British Columbia when speaking, but not the other examples.

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We always say BC, but I’ve never heard any other abbreviations for other places. Not even that Prince Edward Island one.

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Llanfair-PG, in north Wales, has always been a little easier and quicker to say than Llanfairpwllgqyngyllgogerychwyndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch… (and yes, I did write that from memory!)

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I say PEI. What surprises me is we all say Saskatchewan. And is it New FOUND land, or NEWfundland?

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I say NEWfundland, but I’m interested to see if anyone else says it differently.

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I say NEWfundland too.

Saskatchewan is fun to say.

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Saskatoon, Saskatchewan is even funner to say! oh, you silly Canucks, you do have the silliest place names! ;-)

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@JilltheTooth says the lady who has Chattanogga in her country!

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We were looking at Maine maps when my daughter was heading there. There are quite a few places that then have a South ___ and a North ___ as well. I got a kick out of that.

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