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If you could go back to any moment in history, where would you go?

Asked by vocalthoughts (370points) January 9th, 2011

…......... and why?

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I would go to The Big Bang Burger Bar then Milliways

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It involves conception, glenn becks father, and a donkey punch.

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I would go back 1860’s so I could learn the traditional Victorian dances.

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In the early 60s, there was a hamburger business named Donald Duck. they served the biggest and best giant hamburger on the planet, at that time. each burger was made from scratch. there was nothing like one of those hamburgers and a quart of Pabst Blue Ribbon beer.

You could walk away full and drunk at the same time.

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The Big Bang but then I would want to stick around for expansion as well.

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Anywhere and anywhen more that 50 years ago so I could feel what life was like then.

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For eating I would go back to a day in 1968 or 1969 to eat the baked macaroni and cheese they served at a particular cafeteria in our town. Never had any that good since. Behind the counter they had this giant tile mosaic of ice-skaters in holland that I absolutely loved. I was so bummed when they went out of business.

For music, I wouldn’t mind attending the Beatles’ first performance on the Ed Sullivan show, which incedentally also featured Davy Jones (of the Monkees) singing I’d Do Anything for You from the hit musical Oliver.

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September 10, 2001 and slip a certain 19 A-holes some Salmonella laced Cheetos.

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January 1, 2011, mid-morning.

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I’d love to be hiding in the weeds watching the Dinosaurs, gives me shivers just thinking about it.

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somewhere around the time where jesus allegedly existed, documenting everything with a digital video camera

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31 years ago when the Beatles played on the rooftop of the Apple Corps building in London. God I wish I could have been there.

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Thursday night, I’d make sure to get up and pee afterwards, despite how cold it was outside his arms. Yow! Off to buy cranberry juice.

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Also, I would have absolutely loved to have watched live TV stuff about Apollo 11.

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I was 9 and a half and was mad that my mother called me into to watch the moonwalk…damn it…I wanna play! I figured I’d see it later anyway.

Every generation doesn’t fully appriciate it’s history in the making.haha

I was a Woodstock wannabe too, missed it by about 8 years, but..the 70’s were very memorable and saw many of the original Woodstock menu anyway.

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Around the time the dinosaurs were wiped off the face of the earth. Then i’d be able to scream at the top of my voice OWNED!! Obviously i’d be in my indestructible bubble shell type thingy & therefore remain unharmed.

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I think I might go back to the colonial days, just to see what it was really like. I’ve always wondered about it, what it would be like to actually be there.

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So you would have been the first link to dictatorship?
What would you have been called Cro-dickman? hahahaha

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@Coloma So let me get this straight Cro-dumbass XD Dinogeddon would be the sole responsibility of a time travelling witness? Whose sole purpose for attending said catastrophe is at the behest of a question on a website? Harsh judgement indeed ;¬}

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I would visit me around 12, and forewarn me of all that was to come.

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I’d go back and see Ray Charles in concert. Either that or I’d go find Langston Hughes and have him sign a book of his poetry for me. :)

If I was really ambitious, I’d watch the first episode of Star Trek with my mom and my grandfather.

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I think it would be fun to be there when our forebears discovered how good roasted meat was compared to raw. Did they dance? Sing? Or just throw more meat into the fire?

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Id like to check out the construction of the pyramids, maybe get a job there as an engineers assistant or something… that would be cool.

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That was one crazy ass year.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard My grampa was born in 1919 and he’s still going strong.

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@ChocolateReigns, that’s awesome. I bet he has some stories…

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@KatawaGrey I like your answer! Seeing Ray would have been awesome!

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Ray Charles is awesome.

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Back to the beginning of the financial crisis of 2007–2010. Armed with the knowledge of what feel the furthest, fastest and when, I would sell short with all the leverage they would allow me, cash in my earnings and go short on the next thing that’s going to tank and so on.

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Like @marinelife, pretty much any period of time that I didn’t live through (so, 30+ years ago), I’d be curious to see how things were and what it was like to live in that time. I do have some favorite time periods like the Wild West and the Renaissance, but I couldn’t pick just one.. I keep thinking, The 70’s would be interesting, the 60’s, too, but yeah, then, the 50’s and 40’s.. and so on… I could get excited about pretty much any time, I think. I love history and I have a weird nostalgia for times I never lived through.

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I would go back to September 11 2001. I feel like I was too young to fully understand what was happening in the world. I don’t want to witness it again, but I’d like to truly appreciate all the lives that were lost that day trying to save others. I would be a lot more moved.

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I want to go back in the era when Apple Inc and Microsoft were getting a start to change the history of the world. I want to spend the time with their co-founders. Pirates of Silicon Valley ( Film ) link has somehow fulfilled my wish.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard Yep, he does. More than I would ever hear him tell, because I only see him once a week, except that he thought to type his “life story” up on his typewriter. We’re in the process of scanning it all into the computer and adding his pictures, and having him tell us what subtitles to put with the pictures. We might even get it made into a book.

@ItalianPrincess1217 I had just turned five, about 2 weeks before. All I remember is that all the sudden, we stopped doing schoolwork (we’re homeschooled) and just sat around watching the news for the rest of the day. My brother was 13, so he was a “big kid” and was actually interested in it. I wish I had understood what was going on, though, because I was an absolute pain in the neck that day, wanting to get back to school. +GA.

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@ChocolateReigns, if it were to be published, I’d be interested in a copy. Just throwing that out there….

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It would have been cool to have been there when Christ was born.

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