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How soon did you tell your family and friends that you were expecting?

Asked by ItalianPrincess1217 (11973points) January 9th, 2011 from iPhone

I personally couldn’t contain my excitement, so the day I took the pregnancy test was the day my closest family and friends found out. I’ve heard it’s bad luck to tell anyone before 3 months. How do you feel about letting people in on your exciting secret a little early?

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I went through infertility treatments to get pregnant, so I told everybody right away. I probably would have told anyway, it’s such joyful news! Congrats! And since we never know what the future brings, I always think it’s better to be positive about the possibilities, and share the joy… Have a lovely pregger time!

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Not necessarily bad luck, but tough to clean up if things don’t go as planned.

Hopefully you have no such problems and congratulations! I hope the little one brings tons of happiness.

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It’s not a matter of luck at all. Words you speak won’t affect your pregnancy. I think that caution might relate to the fact that a lot of miscarriages occur in the first trimester, when you might not want to have to go around telling people you’re not pregnant any more.

I was an older first-time mother, so I waited until 5 months, when I couldn’t really hide it any more and I had received favorable results from the amniocentesis. Even then I was cautious and just told family, close friends, and the people who were going to see me every day.

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Yes, like @Jeruba said. My cousin was only 3 weeks pregnant and she told about 5 relatives. Then she had a mis-carriage at 6 weeks. So the only reason to wait to tell people is so that you don’t have to deal with explaining to everybody if something goes wrong early on. And most mis-carriages happen during the first 3 months.

So if you’re going to tell anyone, you might want to keep it to a very selective, tight lipped and supportive group of folks. Good luck to you :-)

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I actually didn’t tell anyone myself. I was a youngin still living with my parents…they found the test box and wanted to know….great day :) but congrats to you!!

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IMO, you tell your closest family/friends right away and cross your fingers from there. After the 1st trimester send out the baby shower notices.

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I told early the first time, a few weeks pregnant, and I miscarried, and had to tell everyone. The 3 month rule is a good one. 1 in 5 known pregnancies miscarry, the estimate is sometimes as high as 1 in 3 pregnancies miscarry.

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With my first, I told a lot of people pretty early on (I was 5 weeks). When I got pregnant the second time, I did not tell as many people because I was in a polyamorous arrangement and did not care to find out who of my two partners was the father and I didn’t need to deal with any more crap from people in my direction anyhow – I miscarried that child at around 9 weeks. When I found out I was pregnant for the third time, I was about two months along and I waited some weeks before telling some people just because I didn’t want to it to be another miscarriage.

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I told my closest friends and family right away with all my pregnancies. I miscarried my first and let a few key people know and they spread the information around. For me it was nice knowing that the people I cared about the most knew what I was going through.

I did try to keep the information to myself when I became pregnant the second time but I just couldn’t.

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I told everyone once it was confirmed by the ultrasound that it was in the uterus and not in a tube. Since I had the tubal reversal, I had a hire risk than normal for a tubal, so we wanted to wait until we knew it was in the right place before we shared the news. Once we knew that, we told everyone!

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@ItalianPrincess Congratulations – I’ve been wondering how you were doing!

I think there’s no right or wrong; you tell when it feels right for you.

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congrats! I’m not one to ask…I was terrified and 20 when pregnant with my first, so I told my mother while crying. The next came at 23, and I was worried they wouldn’t be happy (which was silly of me) and just blurted it out when she asked…she must have had a mom-sense lol. I waited until 8 weeks with my first, and about 12 weeks with my second.

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I told my mom as soon as I knew.

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