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Do you have any non adult/pornographic movies or TV shows that can turn you on sexually? NSFW?

Asked by airowDee (1791points) January 9th, 2011

I ask this question because I can get sexually turned on from just watching, for example, the COPS (TV series) , or gangster related movies like Deuces Wild. Stephen Dorff in a white t shirt can really be the most sexually stimulating image for me. Now, I just want to know if anyone else also derive sexual happiness from watching non adult rated movies or TV shows? I am not asking this for perverted reasons, but I am really curious because in my experience, I have not found anyone discussing this topic.

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Mad Men.

Oh, and the girl from American Pickers is super hot, but her dorky business associates ruin it for me since they are the focus of the show.

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Yes, NCIS. Have you seen Mark Harmon? And here’s an oldie but a goodie, The Sound of Music because of Christopher Plummer (especially the scene where he finds Maria out in the garden and professes his love) and the movie Sense and Sensibility because of both Hugh Grant and Alan Rickman (of course they’re both good looking men, but there’s some very romantic and touching scenes in the movie too). And old episodes of M*A*S*H because of Alan Alda and episodes of the Nanny because of the dude who played her boss/boyfriend/husband.

Ok, I’ll stop now before it gets too hot in here.

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Excellent question.

I can get turned on just by the right camera angle during a sporting event and so many other shows, too.

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Deadwood…drools at sheriff

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House, Firefly.

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@momnipotence – Yes, yes, yes. Timothy Olyphant is referred to as Sheriff Handsomepants in my house.

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The movie Unfaithful and the show House.

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So many! NCIS for sure, the attitude and looks of Dean in Supernatural, any show where the lead has a sense of humor and likes women!! Donald Southerland was sexy to me in Space Cowboys- wanted to jump him.

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Romance doesn’t really turn me on, actually. I just like watching a bad boy or a “gang member” being punished or somewhere along that line. Its very embarassing and its hard to explain. blush I perfer S.H.I.E.L.D over all others.

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@airowDee How about old episodes of Moonlighting when Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd were going at it (arguing)?

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I am not from that era, I have never heard of that show.


I like this

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Criminal Minds. The guys who play Spencer Reid and Derek Morgan…oy. Sadly, I don’t own a tv, so I can only watch the show when I’m visiting home every few months.

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Ha, I love that skinny Reid, too!

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Private Practice… Or anything with Taye Diggs, He looks like a yummy chocolate bar I’d like to melt in my mouth!

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Taye Diggs is ridiculously sexy.

Fight Club. There is head shaving and violence and half naked sweaty men throughout the movie. Yeah, that’s the only one that comes to mind.

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I’m straight and I’m pretty sure I’d bang Taye Diggs.


And Edward Norton.

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Kari Byron from Mythbusters. The combination of great eyes, smile, laugh and intelligence does it for me.

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@Frankie I think the actor who plays Reid is absolutely adorable. I also love Simon Baker in The Mentalist. I pretty much watch that program just to stare at his face. Though the guy who plays Cho in that show is pretty good looking as well.

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Castle. Stana Katic is both an amazing women and an amazing actress.

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