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What would be an appropriate item for a Medal of Honor recipient to autograph?

Asked by TexasDude (25244points) January 9th, 2011

Let’s say I had the rare opportunity to meet a recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor and I really wanted to get their autograph.

First of all, would this be considered disrespectful in any way, even if they were okay with it?

Secondly, what would be an appropriate item to have them autograph? A unit patch? A plain index card? A book? Does it even matter?

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I suspect that most Medal of Honor winners would be a little abashed at being asked for an autograph.

That being said, I am sure that anything would be OK. If they had written a book, that would be especially good. A unit patch might be very meaningful or the latter attached to an index card that they could actually sign.

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@marinelife, that’s kind of what I figured. Depends on the individual, I guess. Some are as humble as humble gets and don’t even want to bring it up, and some would be happy that someone else knew about it…. Thanks for the input. I’ll go for a book, most likely, if I ever get the opportunity.

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The book is a good idea, so would a photo be.

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I don’t think it would be wrong of you to ask, as long as you let them know how much their service has meant to you. I’m thinking that you could get some type of history book, if there is one that is about the medal of honor, or something like that. Or if you have a hat of the type that is from their branch of the service, especially if it is one that belongs to you and has some sentimental meaning (like it belonged to a relative). Or even just a regular autograph book (do they still make those anymore?)

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@CaptainHarley, thank you sir, I was hoping you’d stop by.

@Kardamom, good point. I would be sure to do so. And yeah, they still make autograph books, sort of. Something about that just isn’t… special enough, I guess. A hat is a good idea, though. Thank you.

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You have to remember that these are mostly ordinary men who have performed extrodinary deeds. The military holds them in the very highest regard. I have seen a roomfull of generals stand up when a Medal of Honor Winner comes into the room. Like any other soldier or military member, they love to hear that their service is appreciated. A simple “thank you for your service to your Country” is all that is needed. Asking them to sign a book or autograph a picture flatters most of them.

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@CaptainHarley, yeah it would be purely out of respect and a huge honor for me to get an autograph from a recipient. I thank veterans anytime I see them anyway, so my gratitude would be a given.

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I know you well enough to know that’s true. : )

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Perhaps a copy of “Stealing the General” by Russell Bonds

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@BarnacleBill, never heard of it. I’ll have to check it out.

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Does his name show up in any books you’ve read? or want to read? Is there a biography about him? I’m sure he’s used to signing these kinds of books.

I have a signed copy of Sir Ed Hilary’s autobiography. It meant a lot to meet him and shake his hand.

I have a friend who has sand in a jar from Okinawa. He’s a career marine and loves that kind of stuff.

I’m sure you can find something meaningful for your hero to autograph that will make it special for you.

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@cazzie, well, the thing is, this is pretty much completely theoretical, which makes it hard to come up with something. I guess if I had a specific recipient in mind, it would be easier to pick something more “special.” I guess that generic articles is more of what I was looking for. Thanks for sharing, though.

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I think breasts are always fun to autograph.

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@Ltryptophan, I don’t have those :-/

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The world is cruel that way.

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i would say a patch, flag, anything that says “thank you” id hit up a card store myself, maybe a shadow box frame with a few patches, and a ribbon, that would coooolll! lol

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