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Is tonight introspection night on Fluther?

Asked by janbb (54209points) January 9th, 2011

There seem to be a series of questions about one’s life and decision-making. Did I miss the memo that it was soul-searching night tonight?

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LOL. One question often tends to spawn many like them.

Introspection seems to fit me fine today as it is deathly cold outside with blizzard conditions.

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It’s the hangover from the lurve orgy we had in the meta section.

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@hawaii_jake Sounds about right: partying and soul-searching…..

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The Eagles lost. That calls for a great deal of soul-searching. :(

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@wundy Every night is soul-searching night for you!

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There are so many questions these days and I don’t have as much time to spend perusing so I didn’t even notice the trend. Someone should PM me when there is a good one going on, please. Now I will go check meta to see what I missed there. I am falling way behind in the lurve department, I am not sure if that means I am becoming less lurvable or my life is interfering with my fluthering!!!

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@rooeytoo : Let me assure you that you are every bit as lurvable as you ever were. xoxo

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@hawaii_jake, hehehehe, thanks Jakie, and I assume the lurve fests to which you referred were the celebrations, I did catch up with them. I can’t imagine 40K, that is a lot of wisdom going down!

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@rooeytoo I go through periods where I’m not here as often and then people forget me if they ever remembered me to begin with lol. My lurve goes up and then down.

I passed some lurve to you.

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@tranquilsea – thank you, that was very nice of you. I will return the favor!

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I’ve been soul-searching all day and was glad for the distraction of all the fun going on on Fluther. All the partays going on was truly uplifting.
@rooeytoo you’re not falling behind, and @tranquilsea I imagine we all feel invisible at some time or another, but I feel the lurve situation is because most jellies max out on each other (hence the score doesn’t move).;-)

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It’s Sundayt; introspection is the church of agnostics and atheists.

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@tranquilsea and @rooeytoo I lurve you both!

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Thanks @janbb :-) You’re pretty cool yourself.

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@janbb – I will second what @tranquilsea says!!!

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I read your answer over several times and it’s pretty profound. And also true. I like it.

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