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Recommend a mid-priced birding binocular?

Asked by gailcalled (54575points) April 21st, 2007
I am looking for 8 x 42, wear glasses and would spend up to $500. No zooms, ultra-fancy optics and not too heavy (25oz or less) w/o being the bantam weights.
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We have several binos we love:
Eagle Optics - Voyager - compact & easy to use (nice for a concert/ballgame)
Nikon - 8 x 32 (7.5) - midsize (husband's birding favorite)
Eagle Optics - Ranger Platinum Class 8 x 42 - midsize & lightweight (wife's birding favorite)

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Interestingly, I too own and really like the Nikon 8 x 32 (7.5). I bought them primarly for star gazing since the mag. isn't too big and the field is wide.They are very nice for birding also but tend to feel very heavy around my neck after a while. I wlll check out the Ranger Plat. 8 x 42.

I am on the lookout for a slightly higher magnification in order to see the moons of Jupiter but they may need a tripod or the Canon Image stabilizer, which requires batteries that add to the weight.

I also have Bausch & Lomb compact 10 x 24, but field (272' @ 1000yds) is too small.Thanks for alerting me privately. Fluther must have thought the question too ancient to notify me of your answer.

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The Nikon 8x32 is way too heavy on my neck - even with wonderfully 'ergonomic' neck strap. . . Hubby took me on a special shopping adventure for just the 'right' bino for me. The E.O. Ranger Platinum quickly became my fave - though I still need that 'ergonoimc' neck strap - sadly, I get migraines so gotta take precautions!

Happy birding and everything else! Star gazing is 'stellar' here in southern AZ, too! :-)

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