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Why are the street names engraved in the pavement on every corner in San Francisco?

Asked by jballou (2128points) April 10th, 2008
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so depressed people will know where they are!

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Many cities are like that. In New Orleans they are there so when the signs get knocked down people who are walking on the sidewalks know where they are at.

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the same reason they label manholes with the city name. if you steal it, everyone will know where its from.

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its written on the curb side so people will know where they are. in sf the street signs are either way up high, non existent, or in the middle of the block (dont ask). sooo the sidewalk signs are hella good :)

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i find it very helpful. i was lost in sacramento recently and kept looking down to see where i was but it wasnt there. its not actually EVERYWHERE in SF, but i wish it was : )

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@emilyrose: I’ve actually had the experience as nagivator in SF of sticking my head out the window at a stoplight to figure out what street we were crossing b/c the street sign was missing or obscured.

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