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Where can I find court of appeals outcome statistics for the state of Washington?

Asked by rjb1983 (158points) January 10th, 2011

Need to find statistics regarding Washington Court of Appeals cases which were reversed or modified.

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Go to State of Washington, Government. locate the Clerk for Court of Appeals. they may not give you this information over the web. it’s public record and you may have to pay for a copy of their decision. this site should give their phone number to call. they will give you a case number that you should write down and take with you, when you go for a copy. they will also give you the clerks address.

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Here is the annual report which includes a Resolutions Table.

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@marinelife Yes, but it doesn’t indicate outcomes.

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The state websites usually have this available. Findlaw has the state supreme court decisions (I think the consumer section allows access).

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