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Your thoughts on Twilight Princess (Wii) compared to other Zelda games?

Asked by Jude (32190points) January 10th, 2011

I am just getting into now…

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It’s a swan song, but it fails to advance the 3-D Zelda gameplay beyond what OoT already accomplished. Also, OoT had better dungeon design and music. And at least Wind Waker tried something slightly new with the sailing (though WW was not nearly as good as OoT.)

I noticed that the dungeons in TP got steadily better and better as the game progressed.

I was disappointed that the Wiimote-based swordplay was so superficial; I feel like gesture-based gameplay has the potential to revolutionize Zelda to the same extent that Ocarina of Time did, but in TP it was simply tacked on.

I’m really, really, really looking forward to Skyward Sword. It’s time for Nintendo to get bold and completely change the way these games are played, instead of recycling 12-year-old gameplay ideas.

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I thought it was a good game…love Zelda!

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@Qingu When does it come out? This gives me shivers.

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It’s supposed to come out this year but I always expect year long delays with Zelda games. It helps to plan for the worst. :)

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I loved it, I’m new to Zelda but I thought it was great. The dungeons aren’t too challenging, but it’s got a lengthy story and a good amount of side quests to do.

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It’s ok. Ocarina of Time is still by far the best.


It is SOOOO boring to me until you no longer have to be the wolf. I thought wolf Link was annoying, and it just ruined the game for me (not ruined, but definitely earned it negative points)

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Wolf Link was kind of cool some times…although everyone seems to think it was a major inconvenience than it was an innovation.

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Not to Necro this question, but now that Skyward Sword has only been out a couple days I can officially LOL @Qingu for calling Twilight Princess a “Swan Song”


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