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Why does everyone keep saying this?

Asked by 28lorelei (2529points) January 10th, 2011

“I’d tell you, but the CIA will [REDACTED].”
It confuses me.

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LOL. It’s from an old Fluther joke thread – the CIA thread.

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Is it related to a specific award?

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Cretins In Acrylic? I can’t be doin with it myself ;¬}

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@papayalily is correct! But there is more to it, basically, when you [REDACTED]

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Look up “redaction” or “to redact” in any dictionary.

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@papayalily Oh my goodness. I haven’t seen that before. It’s hilarious that every comment except three were “moderated”.

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The word [REDACTED] in brackets like that is supposed to look like the rest of the sentence was edited out by the CIA.

My own favourite is with blacked-out words, but if ███ ████ it ████ more like ████ and whistled for a baboon.

(Why yes, I do love my fancy unicode tricks.)

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If it is redacted, does that mean it was originally dacted?

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Well, [EXPLETIVE DELETED], I’m just going to have to [REDACTED]!

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@filmfann: Or perhaps blue, green or orange acted.

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Everybody? Really? I never said that in my life. ;-)

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I wonder if the powers that be have seen this question yet and if so, will they release any information on the project they’ve been hiding in [REDACTED]

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@28lorelei Oh, wow! I just figured out that [REDACTED]. It’s funny because I used to think that [REDACTED], but now I realize that [REDACTED]. You see? It’s all about the CIA and [REDACTED]. So the answer to your question is [REDACTED].

But only if [REDACTED] or [REDACTED] with the squid in the frizzer.

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@SavoirFaire – Don’t forget about pancakes and [REDACTED]!

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OMG!!! I finally understand. When I worked I was always the last one to understand the joke and would oftentime end up busting out laughing 2 days later. Now I finally understand one of Fluther’s inside jokes. You guys are [REDACTED].

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@aprilsimnel Careful, you know what that word does to people. And did you know that [REDACTED] stole a [REDACTED] from his sister’s house? I wonder if the CIA will [REDACTED].

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@SavoirFaire – Tsk, oooohhh! Well, to be honest, I always suspected that [REDACTED] was up for those sort of [REDACTED] shenanigans. Braver than me, lemme tell ya! But just call me Sgt. Schultz, dig?

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@aprilsimnel Don’t forget about the time when [REDACTED] and all those guys in biohazard suits had to [REDACTED]

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I saw the first few answers to this question of mine, and looked up the thread. Now I realize [REDACTED].

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