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Based on the questions asked here, what topics in the fluther advice book would get a chapter?

Asked by wundayatta (58599points) January 10th, 2011

Please give me your candidates, and give example of the questions that would fit in this category.

The one that made me think of this question was about learning how to be more confident/speak to people/better at socializing.

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Chapter 1: What do dreams mean?
Chapter 2: What does it mean when I dream about __________?
Chapter 3: Does the boy I like like me back?
Chapter 4: Does the girl I like like me back?
Chapter 5: What does it mean if I dream about the boy I like?

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Do you think I should stay with this person (jerk, cheater, liar, abuser)?

What’s a good recipe for blank?

Astrology, ain’t it great?

Why does my blank hurt and what should I do about it?

What is the best thing you ever heard, gazed upon, ate, touched, or smelled?

How do you get rid of blank?

If I like this person and I’m not sure if he/she likes me back, should I go up to him/her and tell him/her that or should I go on FB and ask my friends what they think or should I have my best friend flirt with him/her or should I write him/her a note saying that I like him/her or that I don’t like him/her and see how that goes or should I leave something in his/her locker without him/her knowing who it’s from to see if he/she gets curious and then maybe figures out who it is and then if he/she doesn’t know who it is should I get someone to send him/her a text asking what his/her problem is or should I not do that?

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There will definitely need to be a chapter for NSFW.

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“Stupid, stupid people and the relationships I’ve had with them.”

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How about, “You think YOUR mother was awful…”

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How to grow a thick skin, or now I’m a mod, everyone hates me.

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I looked at a boy twice, am I pregnant?

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My head hurts am I gonna die? What should I do??

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My pet is barely breathing, should I take her to the vet?

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What is this thang? With an index of all the photos of weird thangs included.

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42—all the questions to which that has been an answer

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* Dramas, and the families that cause them
* Hearts, and the jerks who break them
* Love, marriage, and a baby carriage
* Change yourself, change the world
* Debate 101: Religion, politics, and war
* Should I? Yes. You should.
* Should I? No. You shouldn’t.
* Technology for the tech-tarded (myself included)
* That guy needs a dick punch
* How to save a life
* English 101: Don’t be a Janets
* Food! Sex! Food! Sex!: What it’s really all about

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