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What does it mean if a guy bites his lip while talking to you?

Asked by marsdancer45 (1points) April 10th, 2008

Does it really mean they want to make out with you?

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That he’s neurotic?

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Maybe hes biting off leftover food on his lip, nonchalantly

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It could just mean that he has a nervous twitch, or a bad habit. My roommate always feels the urge to chew on something. It kinda reminds me of a teething puppy.

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I think lip biting might be a form of flirting. I have to admit, I’ve done it before. But, I also bite my lips a lot on the Winter my lips are dry.

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I do that when I am thinking really hard, lots of people have person specific body language though…

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I’ll do it sometimes when i’m angry at someone. doing something stupid like that helps me from losing my cool and doing something i’ll regret later on.

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I chew and pull on my lip rings, but it’s just because it’s fun to do and feels kinda good.

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Its just a personality trait, that people do when expressing something.

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I do it when I’m nervous.

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he wants to eat you?

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It could mean anything… For me, it can be that I’m thinking, my lips are chapped, I’m planning my next ‘move’... The list goes on…

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I do it around attractive girls who make me nervous. If one of them came on to me and persisted through the nervous part, I’d welcome the gesture.

I also do it when I have skin on my lip that needs to come off.

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