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What do you know about chemical hair straightening?

Asked by PauloD15 (48points) January 10th, 2011

I have very curly hair and I am considering having it chemically straightened but I want to learn about it first. What do you know about chemical hair straightening?

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My girlfriend just had it done and she can now just blow dry her hair and it is straight as a board. Pretty expensive though.

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Actually it is a reverse of perming hair, the same process only straightening instead of curling. This is done by the solution penetrating the hair shaft and softening it so that it can be re-structured. To curl, the hair is wrapped on rods, to straighten the hair is combed straight while the solution is on the hair. The timing of the solution on the hair is very important and if left on too long can really damage and dry the hair. The process should be done by a knowledgeable professional and the hair will need maintenance conditioning.

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This is what my girlfriend did. Worked great.

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My husband did the Brazilian chemical straightening and it was fantasic. Hair straight as an arrow. Usually I just buy straightening perm solution at the drug store and do it for him, which does not come out as straight, but it tames his hair significantly. I think my sister dies either Japanese or Vietnamese, not sure. She likes it also.

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It is not really the “reverse” of perming, perming is perming, curly or straight. Using a solution to force the hair to stay in the position is it in when the solution is applied. The straightening solution is like a cream, and the curly hair solution is liquid.

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Sorry, but chemically it works the same. Just the opposite effect!

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I just got a Brazilian Blowout. My hair is naturally quite dry and a weird frizzy mix of straight, wavy, and curly in spots. Wearing it natural just isn’t an option as it looks awful unless I’m in a very humid climate. It used to take me about ½ an hour to blowdry it and longer to get it really nice. The blowout has pros and cons.

Cons: Expensive ($250+ tip). Full of chemicals. I think my hair sometimes looks a bit flat. I think it doesn’t hold a curl as well as it used to when I heat curl it. You have to use a sulfate free shampoo, which can be very expensive from a salon (or like $6 for the Loreal Everpure line!)

Pros: It cut drying time in ½, which is phenomenal. There is no frizz- zilp, zilch, nada. I don’t have to use styling products anymore, just a spritz of hair spray. I can air dry it, which doesn’t look as good as when I blowdry it but it dries straight and frizz free. It’s super soft and shiny. My hair doesn’t feel nearly as dry and my stylist says I won’t get as many split ends. If you color your hair, my stylist says it helps lock the color in so it doesn’t fade as quickly (great for my red!). It lasts about 12 weeks, which may make the cost seem more reasonable.

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Watch the movie “Good Hair” It is informative and entertaining

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Whatever you do, get an experienced professional. If it’s done wrong, it can ruin your hair.

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I don’t know how old you are, but I would be very careful. The can damage your hair. I would honestly suggest getting a Brazilian blow out.
If not, I would suggest what @Likeradar has said and see a professional.
I would also go somewhere where the people know how to deal with curly hair.

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If your hair is thick, I think it is very unlikely you will have bad damage. I have very thin hair, and I still can get a perm, and my hair does not fall out of my head, but I only do it twice a yea at most, my hair grows very slowly anyway. My husband’s sister gets her hair straihtened regularly, and her hair is fanastic, but she has fantastic hair anyway. I am assuming you are white? From what I understand African American hair can be thinner and more brittle. It also probably needs more time with the chemical ifit is very kinky. Just guessing, I am not a hair expert. My husband, who I mentioned above basically has Greg Brady hair, and his straightens just fine.

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Actually it is use for temporarily tame the curls hair.

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I have actually straighted the hair on my own using a very mild hair straightener a couple of times. But it has left my hair very dry and coarse over the passage of time. After reading everyone’s experience here today I have decided to get my hair straighted again with Kune products. I will definately share my experience with every one here!

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