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What bully breed rescue would you recommend to donate money to?

Asked by jessylee (90points) January 10th, 2011

I work for an animal rescue. I have 3 pit bull terriers, 1 bull terrier, and a lasso apso. I am deeply upset by how people treat animals in general and all these bans on “bullies”. Most people don’t even know what a real pit bull is but if it attacks it is a pit bull. I want to donate a good amount of money for my birthday to a rescue that: rescues, educates, stops fighting and abuse in general and especially helps fight breed bans. I have emailed a lot of rescues for more info but I am looking for more recommendations.

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I would recommend the ASPCA which helps all kinds of dogs and cats and attempts to educate the public with awareness about animal abuse and how to help all animals.

You can check out their site here and see if it’s for you.

Otherwise, you could try to find a local pit bull rescue in your town if you want to spend your money more locally.

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My boss and her partner ( a vet ) have their own Pit Bull rescue.

I would go with a local rescue (s) you might have an opportunity to help hands on and volunteer as a spokesperson. Local rescues also need more funding, help, than bigger state run organizations like city shelters.

I donate and help with a waterfowl rescue, I love everything but geese are my passion. ;-)

Every little bit matters!

Something for everyone.

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@Coloma I love geese too. There’s a particular park by my house that has a lake and there are about 6 different kinds of geese than hang around there. They’re so cute and funny when they honk and waddle. They’re beautiful birds.

You’re probably right that the local rescue organizations need the donations more.

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Take those goosies some cracked corn. :-)
They are lovely, intelligent creatures.

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A quick google search showed me this website. I looked it over and it looks like a very good organization. It’s main goal is to help find good, responsible homes for pit bulls and mixes and to educate the public about them.

I’m always glad to see someone who cares about helping animals as much as humans. Too often, our furred, feathered and scaled friends get forgotten.

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I second Best Friends that @boffin linked. I’ve been there and it’s phenomenal! The Michael Vick Pitties are so happy there in “Vicktoryville”.

Also Villalobos (from the Animal Planet show “Pit Bulls and Parolees”) does an awesome job rescuing dogs and humans and could certainly use some cash.

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I have often helped out Bama Bullies they are awesome too.

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Our poor little friends.

I have been trying to get my hands on a semi-feral cat for weeks now. Saw him today, so cold, 25 tonight. Poor cold kitty. ;-(

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@Coloma Last week I was house sitting and taking care of an indoor kitty. There is also a semi-feral outdoor kitty that comes around that we also feed. Since it’s been so cold, I put a blanky in a box for the outside kitty to sit in when he/she’s waiting to be fed. So the 2nd night I heard russling outside and thought it was the outside kitty. I opened the drapes to see a big giant racoon sitting in the kitty bed! He was waiting for dinner too.

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Cute! I have some fat Raccoons over this way, too.

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Bad Rap is fantastic!

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I agree wholeheartedly with you. Unfortunately Pit Bulls are banned here (England) but I still constantly read about supposed Pit Bull attacks in this country. I can’t help wondering if the dog was a Pit Bull type breed or if the media are just saying that to get a reaction from people (I once heard of a case where it was claimed that a Pit Bull attacked a child when in fact it was a Boxer!). My motto is “ban the deed not the breed”.

I am a fan of all the Bully breeds I have a gorgeous Staffy called Zara but I would struggle to choose a spcific breed to donate to. I would be more likely to give to the likes of Battersea dogs home who tend to have more Bullies than any other type of breed.

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