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Do you know what stuff you are actually storing?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26829points) January 11th, 2011

How much stuff are you storing? When one of my neighbors moved while packing he came across a lot of stuff he knew he had but not really. More that he knew he had it but never knew the exact location to go get it if he needed it. Another friend has stuff in storage she has not seen for about 5 years because she is out of state. Most of which she probably don’t even remember she has. The stuff you have in public storage, the shed out back, the basement, attic, etc. do you know what is really in there? How important is it that you keep a hold of it year after year?

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All my stuff doesn’t fill the back of a minivan. I keep it simple. Mostly computers and clothes.

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My In-laws left three bedrooms worth of storage behind when they moved in with my son and his wife. After three years of paying for it, Sonny and my adult grandson flew to South Dakota, rented a truck and brought it all back. Their house is now stuffed with totally useless belongings in cardboard boxes.

The great grandma thought she had some very important things there, and she was in very poor health before it was recovered. She has now perked up considerably, surrounded by her stuff.

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Its in my nature to hoard shit, but i don’t. Biffed the lot before i left to travel, just live out of a back pack right now. Works well.

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@Arbornaut – I just moved two months ago. I only had about twelve hours to get ready. I put 75% percent of my crap on the curb. I miss none of it.

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@Not_the_CIA Yeah man, i moved out of an apartment after 2 years, used my work truck to take 2 loads to the tip. more than a ton of crap, literally.

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@Arbornaut – I helped my sister move about five years ago. Her basement took three days. It was fucking nuts. She is convinced that having the most worthless crap makes her superior to her peers.

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I have everything in clear plastic boxes – camping equipment, children’s toys, seasonal decorations, extra crystal, china, silver that I don’t want to polish, craft supplies, table linens, DVDs, far too many books, and things that for some reason my children don’t want to part with, like artwork and prom dresses. Most of what I have is really nice things that were given to me or are family heirlooms.

I don’t hang onto things that need fixing, or clothes that no longer fit.

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@Not_the_CIA Yeah iv never been into materialism myself, I mean we all like to have good nice ‘things’, but they sure as hell don’t define who I am.

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I’d say 90% of what is in “storage” belongs to my husband. I’m not much of a pack-rat by nature. I have no qualms about throwing or giving something away that I really have no use for anymore.

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I am pretty certain about what I am storing. I have things in boxes which belonged to my mum and mum-in-law.
On the inside of each box I have catalogued their contents.
I don’t know why I am keeping many of these things – sentimental reasons I think, but at least I know what these things are

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<< Packrat.

I keep a lot of things I think I’ll make something out of one day… furniture or art. Then, I never get around to actually doing it. I can’t seem to part with it though! It’s good stuff, and I keep telling myself “someday…”. :(

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you’ve just reminded me I need to go and start sorting out my shelves…. I have sooo much stuff I need to get rid of…. and yes I do know what it is… all of it…which is why I keep avoiding it…

old opera scores, old tapes, unneeded clothes, clothes that don’t fit, clothes that are hideous, clothes that could be sold, bottles of stuff…lotions, old bath stuff, my son’s toys, books, the list is endless

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I have taken a vow of weekly removal. I give stuff away, send stuff to the babies in the family, dump bags of stuff at the Salvation army pick-up and badger friends to carry a piece of furniture off with them after we have visited.

This morning I put my finger through an old and apparently fragile lamp shade. Unfortunately i still need some lights.

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We have a small shed in the backyard and I don’t think there’s much in there that I don’t know about – just crib parts and toddler cars and bicycles and the such.

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As we are preparing for a move in a few months, we have lots of stuff in storage. I know exactly what’s there, as I made a list of all of it. Everything we don’t want to take with us has been donated or discarded.

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Being in a new house without much storage space, we had to keep mainly the essentials. That said, alot of what we store are 1) collectibles – which I intend to either sell or leave to my offspring one day, 2) clothes – which are seasonally rotated and often given to charity, and 3) toys – which we will finally get to use as we are having an addition to the family in a few months. I actually have a good handle on what I’m storing since I moved to a house with no basement, garage, or attic.

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Yes, pretty much. I store very little.

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